Unrepentant cop-killer Lamont Pride was sentenced Thursday to 45 years to  life in prison for the 2011 murder of Officer  Peter Figoski after a Brooklyn armed robbery.

The slain officer’s four daughters joined his mother and ex-wife in the  Brooklyn courtroom for the sentencing of the killer who destroyed the family’s  dreams with a bullet from his 9-mm. pistol.

The heart-rending statements from the Figoski clan left some people weeping  during an emotional hearing after which Pride received the maximum sentence for  murder and two other charges.

Mary Anne Figoski, 79, read a statement praising her slain son and  condemning the officer’s killer for taking him away from his loving family.

“We have many wonderful memories of him, but there will always be that empty  space at the table and that special card that will never be sent,” she said.

“Peter will always be missed by many people. Lamont Pride will be missed by  no one.”

One of the killer’s brothers interrupted: “I will miss him!” He was quickly  hushed before the six Figoski family members continued with their  statements.

Pride, 28, was convicted of felony murder on Feb. 11 for gunning down the  47-year-old veteran cop while fleeing a Brooklyn apartment after robbing a pot  dealer.

But he offered no apology to the Figoski family before the sentence was  handed down, instead addressing his own relatives.

“I just want to apologize to my family for putting them though this,” said  Pride before he was led away. “I want to let my two brothers know as long as I  got you in my corner ’til the end, we’re gonna stand tall.

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Alan Marrus ordered Pride’s sentences for  murder, burglary and aggravated manslaughter to run consecutively before  addressing the Figoski daughters.


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