By Anav Silverman –
Tazpit News Agency –

JERUSALEM – Stewart Rahr, a.k.a “The King of Fun”, surprised a jubilant
group of United Hatzalah supporters by quadrupling his initial donation of
12 life-saving ambucycles at a ceremony held in his honor on Tuesday,
January 28. The self-made billionaire, 67, from New York donated 50
ambucycles worth $1.3 million during a dedication ceremony on the roof of
Aish HaTorah, in Jerusalem’s Old City, overlooking the Kotel Plaza.

Rahr, the founder and CEO of Kinray Inc, decided to make the initial
donation after watching United Hatzalah founder Eli Beer’s TED talk. At
first he pledged 4 ambucycles and then sent out an e-mail to his personal
rolodex of over 700 A-list celebrities asking them to donate whatever they
could to United Hatzalah, with a promise to match every donation.

The list includes names like Michael Milken, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harvey
Weinstein, Sheldon Adelson, Jeff Schottenstein, Alicia Keys, Andrea
Bocceli, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Mark Wahlberg, Leon Black, Mort
Zuckerman, Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Andre Agassi, Ari Emmanuel, Ashton
Kutcher, Marc Cuban, Jay Leno and Tommy Hilfiger.

The life-saving ambucycles, which can reach casualties in an average of
three minutes and considered the world’s fastest responders, were
transported via a crane up to the roof of the Aish HaTorah building in
Jerusalem’s Old City overlooking the Western Wall Plaza and Temple Mount.

“I just love the energy level of United Hatzalah,” Rahr stated at Tuesday’s
event, against the backdrop of the Western Wall Plaza and Temple Mount. “I
just love everyone sitting here who are part of this Mitzvah today. This is
the type of organization I relate to, starting from the bottom just like I

Founded and directed by Eli Beer, United Hatzalah is Israel’s first and
largest fully-volunteer emergency rapid response service and recently
united with ZAKA. By utilizing its fleet of over 250 ambucycles and its
patented GPS based dispatch technology, United Hatzalah’s 2,300 medical
volunteers respond to emergencies and are able to arrive first on site to
administer urgent care within minutes from the initial call of distress –
bridging the gap between emergency and ambulance arrival.

“To see these wonderful ambucycles and to know they save lives – it is
truly exciting. If you can save one life, it’s worth it, no matter how much
you have to spend,” declared Rahr.


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