5TJT:Can you describe the Kosher GPS APP?

The APP enables the users on a smartphone (iPhone and Android) to automatically see what kosher place, a minayn or a mikvah is in the area you are at that moment. You can then with a puch of an icon within the app call the place or just automatically get it to work with the GPS within the phone (or ipad) to give you directions.

You can also search for other places within the app by pushing the search icon and then pressing the location button and put in a zip code of the area you will be going to and search. It will now act like you are standing in that zip code area and give you all the same info. Great for when you are traveling away from home.
There are some free discounts to restaurants and all you need to do is show the app with the discount to the manager and you get the discount. This free marketing helps bring in customers to restaurants.

5TJT: What prompted you to create this application?

I originally had my own Garmin GPS device and found it didn’t list kosher places and those that were kosher You couldn’t realize if they were actually kosher by the name so I first developed the database for myself and they opened it to the public. Once smartphones came on the market it was an obvious need so I created the apps version.

5TJT: What criterion do you use for the Kashrus of the establishment?

I confer with Rabbis that work for major hashgacha authorities and that are universally relied upon and they have given me a list of those kashrut that are considered reliable and most people will accept.

5TJT: I imagine that it has to be constantly updated. How often do you do so?


I get alerts from hashgachas and now that we have many users within the app my users are emailing me when there are new places or if a place closes or loses hashgacha

5TJT: How many Kosher restaurants are there in the US & Canada?

Approx 1300 but that number is always changing.

5TJT: Is it fully international?
Right now only USA and Canada

5TJT: What kind of background do you need to develop such an APP?

Programming for iPhone is different than for android and other platforms so you need to learn the different programming structures and languages

What are future plans for that?

5TJT: We plan on adding other features like dairy vs meat, Websites so people can look at menus. This feature has just been implemented in the android phone and will soon be in the iPhone.

We also plan on showing advertisements and pop up alerts for people now that we have so many users using it daily.

We plan on adding a bencher and tefilos haderech etc….

5TJT: What are the future plans to add?

We may partner with other businesses to expand what we offer to our users.

5TJT: Has it been written up in the secular media anywhere?

There was a blurb in the NY Times a couple of months ago but a fuller article in the times is suppose to be written in the next couple of weeks by a free lance reporter on travel

5TJT: Where can readers get more information?



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