Kosher Response delivery


As a writer, radio host, podcaster, and social media personality, Gabriel Boxer knows a thing or two about making connections. Now, the popular kosher food and restaurant consultant — known as the “Kosher Guru” — is pulling people together for chesed.

Boxer is the force behind the Kosher Response Project, a program that delivers free kosher food packages to those saving lives and keeping us safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From sushi to California hospitals to hot pizzas for FDNY EMS workers in the  Rockaways, Boxer and his “ambassadors” have fed thousands of healthcare and emergency heroes since the crisis began.

Boxer has been calling on his widespread foodie community — including local kosher businesses and volunteers — to donate, pick up, pack, and distribute the meals. “Our mission,” he says, “is to show gratitude and perform random acts of kindness to everyday heroes on the frontlines so they can focus on saving lives.”

Kosher Response delivery

Kosher Response fills a need to support the heroes on the frontlines while also bolstering small businesses feeling the pain of a stalled local economy. Every food order, he adds, is purchased with donated and sponsored funds.

The Kosher Response initiative was launched in the earliest days of the outbreak, just days before Passover. Boxer’s team stepped up to the challenge by securing kosher-for-Passover meals for those who observe the holiday. More than 3,400 food bags, 500 meals, and shemurah matzos were distributed to members of the U.S. Navy COVID Medical Response Team stationed at the Jacob Javits Center and to thousands of workers at area hospitals, EMS stations, and others during Passover.

The program is for all pandemic warriors, not just those who keep kosher. Meals, gift bags, and even germicidal disposable wipes have been distributed to doctors, nurses, hospital staff, EMS workers, police, firefighters, and others who are putting their lives at risk.

These efforts are largely sponsored by Elite Care, The Leon Mayer Fund, Gourmet Glatt, LH Financial Services Corp., Velocity Capital Group, MedWiz Pharmacy, Melodie and Marty Scharf, Elizabeth and Buzz Mayer, Shalom and Reena Vegh, Terri and Andrew Herenstein, and others.

To support the kosher response project, make a donation, or sign up to volunteer at, call 516-805-9209 or email Kosher Response encourages the community to patronize its kosher food partners and sponsors.


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