Let Latma Win! — appeal to keep Latma running
By Boaz Haetzni


Okay, the moment has arrived.

Latma will be closing at the end of July, and the bad guys are already
celebrating. Gloating, joyful statuses have already begun to appear here and
there, alongside slanderous and angry statuses about the (imaginary, for
now) possibility that we might begin airing on Channel 1.

We also read on the internet about our contract with Channel 1. In reality,
there is nothing. We are being turned away, time and again, back and forth,
for two years now, each time with a different excuse, and it seems that
there is no end in sight. What is in sight is the end of July, when Latma’s
budget runs out, and Latma will disappear.

The vultures on the Left can already smell the end. After four years of
producing brave Israeli and Zionist satire that went against the stream,
standing opposed to all the left wing incitement that everyone had already
accepted, because they somehow convinced everyone that “that’s how satire
works”. Four years where we pounded them, four years when Yariv Oppenheimer
and his friends’ ears turned red from rage, when they discovered they were
not immune to criticism and piercing satire.

The inciters, the boycotters and Israel’s enemies also got their fair share,
from the Flotilla video on YouTube, which gathered millions of views,
boosted the Israeli morale and changed the world’s viewpoint, through the
“Abba” clip that infuriated the Swedes following the Aftonbladet blood
libel, to our very own Tawil Fadicha, Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable
Rage. A character that never would have been created on one of the “regular”
satire shows screwing up your heads on the television screen.

This is all going to end, because there’s no money left. We don’t have the
astronomically huge budgets “It’s A Wonderful Land” has, we don’t have the
unlimited support of organizations in Europe and elsewhere, who call
themselves “Human Rights Organizations”. We don’t even have the cultural
institutions budget or the haircuts that theaters like Habima get, the same
theaters whose actors boycott the settlements. Standing against this sea of
hypocrisy and evil, thanks to the amazing Caroline Glick, Latma subsisted
until today with the help of proud Zionist Jews, who were touched by her
enthusiasm and belief. But even that great force has a limit.

Today we look like a review of the sick and wounded. Caroline cares for two
little children and two sick parents in the United States and travels there
often, and how much more can we ask of her? Noam has his arm in a cast, but
insists on coming to the filming, Ronit was lightly wounded from a stone
throwing attack while traveling with her family in Judea and Samaria, but
showed up for the filming two days later. I myself went through a health
issue that immobilized me for two months, and I’ve not entirely recovered
from it, but I’ve gotten up, come back, and continued working.

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Source: Israpundit


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