Lexi and Jack Golomb with their Kupath Rabbi Meir pushke
Lexi and Jack Golomb with their Kupath Rabbi Meir pushke
Lexi and Jack Golomb with their Kupath Rabbi Meir pushke

What does the average kid do with the loose change in his pocket? Get pizza. Hold on to it for next time. Forget about it until it starts clinking around the washing machine.

Meet Lexi and Jack Golomb. In their opinion, spare change was destined for a higher purpose. After a day at the mall, all those nickels and dimes floating around their purses and pockets are dropped in the pushke, the charity box. Every trip to the grocery adds another few coins to the growing pile. The Golomb kids even siphon off a share of their allowance for charity.

Their dad, Berel, is proud of their initiative. “Just recently, I gathered the change they had accumulated and took it into Kupath Rabbi Meir Baal Haness,” he said. “It was a pretty heavy bag.”

When the Golomb kids realized that their contribution totaled $280, they were very excited. “It’s enough money to really make a difference in a child’s life,” they explained. “And giving it didn’t make a difference to our finances at all.” It did, however, make a lasting impact on the Golombs themselves. Both Lexi and Jack feel that now they’re more aware that not all kids have what they need, and they’ve developed a deeper sensitivity towards these children.

Lexi and Jack chose to entrust Kupath Rabbi Meir Baal Haness, a 215-year-old tzedakah organization helping children and their families in Israel, with distributing their donation. Now the yellow Kupath Rabbi Meir pushke holds a place of honor in the Golombs’ kitchen, and Lexi and Jack urge you to join their venture.

When you drop those coins into your yellow Kupath Rabbi Meir pushke, you get that amazing feeling of knowing you’re helping another Jew in a very real way. You’re also maintaining a robust Jewish presence in the Holy Land and supporting Torah learning. The recent slashes in government aid have pushed many Israeli families into crisis mode. Families that were doing okay are now discreetly requesting food packages, and they’re hoping someone will care.

How about emulating the shining example of chesed set by Lexi and Jack? You can do that by ordering your very own Kupath Rabbi Meir pushke today! Use it the way the Golombs do, or follow the custom of dropping a few coins in the pushke on erev Shabbos, right before candle lighting. Try it. It’ll transform your candle lighting experience.

Getting your own yellow Kupath Rabbi Meir pushke is easy! Just call 718-871-7807 or e-mail info@kupathrabbimeir.org and they’ll take it from there.

Kids who are super-caring are invited to join the junior gabbaim program, which helps distribute and collect the pushkes. Let’s show everyone that Lawrence cares! v


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