Alex Edelman Is Shamelessly And Fraudulently Abusing His Office To Suppress Voter Turnout In The Upcoming Village Elections
By Bruce Backman
Seemingly, reminiscent of Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Alex Edelman is attempting to fraudulently rig the levers of power to suppress the vote, thereby appropriating another election from under the noses of Lawrence residents. Edelman’s governance has always sought to empower his friends and business associates at the expense of what is the best interests of most Lawrence residents.

Over the last few weeks, the People’s Party, led by Danny Goldstein, has been actively working to increase community participation in and to raise overall voter awareness for the upcoming September 15 election set to take place at the Lawrence Country Club. Our party’s efforts have and continue to include a voter registration drive of actual Lawrence residents as well as legal and much needed absentee voter effort which is especially critical to many residents in the midst of a pandemic where too many of our fellow citizens are homebound due to medical comorbidities and a genuine fear of contracting the coronavirus.

From the outset of this election campaign, Alex Edelman did not take Danny Goldstein’s mayoral election effort seriously. He often mocked Goldstein and his talented slate of trustees, namely Bruce Backman, founder of Re-Open New York, and Dr. Joel Preminger, a respected local pediatric dentist. He spread rumors about their plans and repeatedly lied about his record, especially his persistent and recorded efforts to relentlessly raise taxes on village residents.

He has also been zealously directing its hard-working employees to drive around Lawrence almost relentlessly to remove lawn signs placed in front of the homes of our supporters and even the homes of our candidates. This is a complete and utter misuse of village resources, especially as local crime rates in the Fourth Precinct are soaring. Lawrence urgently needs a mayor who understands that he or she is a resident of the village and not its proprietor.

According to the Long Island Herald in 2019, prior to Edelman becoming mayor, taxes were flat for four straight years under the previous administration of Mayor Martin Oliner. Edelman has repeatedly said, “If you can afford to live in Lawrence, you can afford to pay more taxes.” His complete and utter lack of self-awareness on this and many other important issues is stupefying. He maliciously derides anyone who disagrees with one of his positions at Lawrence Village Hall meetings often labeling his opponents as stupid or an idiot or both.

Nonetheless, Edelman is aware that there is much dissatisfaction among residents towards his stewardship of local affairs. The People’s Party, led by Village Trustee Danny Goldstein, a kind and accomplished businessman, seeks to engage all the voters in Lawrence, discussing the quality of life issues affecting their day-to-day lives. Whether it is holding the line on taxes or building accessible state of the art local playgrounds for our children, taking measures to increase neighborhood safety, or fixing much of our tattered infrastructure, the People’s Party is there to work tirelessly with the village to make life in Lawrence better.

Sadly, Edelman wants to diminish community participation and involvement anyway possible, seemingly his goal is to limit voter turnout to his usual cadre of family, friends, and business associates. He has acknowledged founding the unethical and fraudulent ‘Committee for Fair Voting in Lawrence,’ which is encouraging people not to exercise their sacrosanct right to an absentee ballot. This shadowy committee is built upon a foundation of lies and deceit whose explicit and only goal is voter suppression.

Edelman’s committee gives the impression that it is an official Village of Lawrence entity, when in fact is but another one of his dirty tricks. The purpose of absentee voting during a Covid-19 is to aid voters who seek to exercise their constitutional rights despite the presence of true uncertainty caused by the global coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, instead of emboldening outright voter suppression, Edelman and so-called committee would be better off calling for an open and public debate of the issues affecting Lawrence residents, while encouraging all registered voters to participate in the electoral process.

There are many issues affecting the present and future of the Village of Lawrence, from taxes to infrastructure to recreation and rest assured that Danny Goldstein and his team are ready to get to work for the people on Day One.

It is unfortunate that Edelman has chosen the low road in this campaign, nonetheless we in the People’s Party are confident that as more and more people learn the issues and engage in the process our campaign will reach ever greater heights in the perpetual effort to preserve and advance Lawrence’s position as one of the best places to live anywhere in the United States, if not the world. 

Bruce Backman is a candidate for Trustee in the Village of Lawrence and is a small business owner and was most recently a spokesman for Re-Open New York, a coalition of small businesses adversely affected by the recent Covid-19 Lockdown.

Editor’s Notes

In response to the absentee voting campaign, Mayor Edelman explained, “The People’s Party campaign has hired people to knock on doors, stating, ‘I’m here for the Village of Lawrence and I have papers to sign for voting.’ Some people sign the papers to get rid of the person at the door. The Committee for Fair Voting In Lawrence put out a warning advising everyone of their voting rights and advising not to sign anything out of coercion.”
Important to note when reporting crime statistics is that the Fourth Precinct covers a much larger area, encompassing Lawrence, and the crime rates do not solely reflect Lawrence crime rates.
Regarding lawn signs, Mayor Edelman responded that the People’s Party Campaign has posted lawn signs on public property and on private property without permission and the village has removed the signs after receiving complaints.
Regarding the quote on taxes, Mayor Edelman objects to this misquote. Referring to a tax cap, the Mayor stated, “$20 up or down would not make a difference to most people in Lawrence.”


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