Andrea Mitchell

WARSAW, Poland (JTA) — Polish Institute of National Remembrance has filed a lawsuit against NBC journalist Andrea Mitchell, who, reporting on the recent Middle East summit in Warsaw, who said that the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was against “the Polish and Nazi regime.”

She later apologized for her words on Twitter. According to the Institute of National Remembrance, that is not enough.

“She provided untruthful information in a report that was followed by millions of people around the world. We demand a correction on the television, in a place where false information has been given,” said Institute head Jaroslaw Szarek, in an interview with “Gosc Niedzielny” newspaper.

Last year, the Act on the Institute of National Remembrance was amended, which led to a crisis in relations between Israel and Poland. According to the first version of the new law, “anyone who, in public and contrary to the facts, imputes that the Polish Nation or the Polish State was responsible or co-responsible for the Nazi crimes committed by the Third Reich or for other crimes against peace, humanity or war crimes, or otherwise grossly diminishes the responsibility of the actual perpetrators of these crimes,” were to be punished with a fine or imprisonment of up to three years. This was later amended to change criminal charges to civil charges.


  1. How did she rise to such a prominent position in the “News World” if she failed World History? She totally disregards the tragedy / catastrophe of the murder of six million of our people, the majority of them living in Europe at that time. Finally the networks have taken a step against ignorance and against those who deny the murder of six mlliion Jewish people. (6,000,000) The Holocaust marked the destruction of one of our most vibrant Jewish communities, the yeshivos and learning centers in Poland, Lithuania, Russia. She should know and understand that we, the Jewish nation are a vibrant people, and with all the hatred / anti Semiism, we are in the process of rebuilding our ancient homeland, Medinat Yisrael / Israel, a light unto the nations.
    Dr. Annette Labovitz


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