Their ads have occupied pages in practically every Jewish publication. Working off of a successful Networking expo which attracted thousands of attendees in Lakewood NJ, Duvi Honig of Lakewood’s Learn Network has his eyes set on the big leagues and the way things are lining up we are anticipating a resoundingly successful networking expo.

The one thing that is constantly on our minds is our sustenance. We all continuously pray for Life, Health and wealth the three of which are like a trifecta of sorts which lacking one or the other is viewed in many cases as a handicap. Seldom, however, is there someone who is able to put himself in the shoes of the public and act on their behalf forgetting all the while about his own needs. It’s the defining characteristic of the greatest Jewish leaders to be able to assume the role of public servant and receive satisfaction knowing that others needs are being satisfied. At a time when the world was experiencing a drought, desperate for rain, Choni Hama’agel drew a circle in the ground and began his prayer on behalf of the Jewish people with the words, “G-d of the Universe, your nation, Israel, needs Parnassah.” While we all realize that in our own individual lives it requires complete selflessness and a legendary spirit of beneficence to act in this regard on behalf of Klal Yisrael. In the short time that I have got to know Duvi this is the impression that he leaves on me.

It is his genuineness and altruism that has spurred complete backing from many rabbinic circles, emphasizing the overall importance of this expo. Below you will see a video of Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, Morah D’asrah of Congregation Shaarey Tefilla in Lawrence lending his words of support and encouragement to this revolutionary event. In the coming days we will continue to post various other videos that were produced as well as a song sung by renowned singer Shea Rubenstein specifically for this upcoming expo.

The expo is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, February 12that the Meadowlands Exposition Center and will include leading businesses spanning a plethora of business industries and will be addressed by members of the Dept. of Business in the State of NJ as well as entrepreneurs from various communities and industries lending their secrets towards leading a successful business.

For further information on becoming a sponsor or reserving a booth for your business call 732.987.7704 or visit their website Stay attuned to the 5 Towns Jewish Times and for more about the Parnassah Expo.


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