5Over the winter vacation, the students (and parents) at Yeshiva Har Torah had the opportunity to continue learning through an exciting video lesson project. With both Tu B’Shevat and Martin Luther King Jr. Day occurring during this year’s yeshiva break, there was plenty of learning to be done from the comfort of home or vacation spot. With the assistance of Mrs. Alyssa Ossip, coordinator of educational technology, over the course of the vacation, video lesson links were sent out to the YHT families.

The first video presentation was an interactive Tu B’Shevat lesson produced by Rabbi Ahron Rosenthal. The students took a tour of the important aspects and halachot of Tu B’Shevat and answered questions online at the end of the presentation. On MLK day, Mrs. Yonina Lermer prepared an impressive interactive presentation with the history and lessons of MLK. On Tuesday, Rabbi Tuvia Fried sent out a video lesson discussing the significance of the Mishnah in Pirkei Avot, “Im ein ani li.” Erev Shabbat, the menahel, Rabbi Gary Menchel, sent out a parashat hashavua video lesson with a valuable lesson and insight into the parashah. It was a great source of nachat for the entire YHT family to see children and parents engaged in learning even while on vacation! v


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