By Larry Gordon

This business of Rabbi’s in Israel saying that John Kerry is picking a fight with God is crazy and irresponsible. Those who have criticized that position are right to do so. It is true that as a Senator for 29 years, John Kerry has a consistent and impeccable record in support of Israel. And a great deal of his rather antagonistic and even provocative for Israel positions on trying to achieve peace between Israel and the Arabs is not his fault. And get this; it is not even President Obama’s fault.

The responsibility for leading people like Mr. Kerry and Mr. Obama to believe they can make wild and sensational proposals in the name of peace that will jeopardize Jewish lives is wholly and completely Israel’s mistake. The Israeli’s have misled the Americans over many years into believing that in the interest of achieving genuine and absolute peace with their violence prone neighbors they are willing to do things like divide Jerusalem and evacuate tens of thousands additional Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria. That’s just not true and Prime Minister Netanyahu should articulate that position emphatically, repeatedly and unequivocally.

And this is not a new thing. These deceptive positions go back to Yitzchak Rabin and Shimon Peres and the Osloc Accords signed with the PLO’s Yasser Arafat in 1993. The basis for the agreement was to mislead and double cross on both sides. Arafat who was raised on terror and violence knew and understood only that course pf action. The Accords were meant to draw billions of dollars out of the Europeans and Americans in order to finanace his devious plans.

And for their part, the Israeli’s wrongly calculated that the Palestinians were desperate and would accept anything they were offered in their dire and desperate state. For example, they were offered a corner of a suburb in Jerusalem—Abu Dis—and were told that this can be their part of Jerusalem that will be recognized as their capital. They said, “no way,” and that they wanted all or nothing.

They were offered the return of a few hundred so called “refugees” and ordered to say they have achieved the right of return for these alleged ex-residents of Israel. But Arafat wanted a million pseudo refugees to flood the land and overwhelm Israel, a few hundred meant nothing and was unacceptable to him.

Israeli leaders and especially the Prime Minister has to stop hemming and hawing and say it straight out and directly. There will be no division of Jerusalem, no return of refugees, no forced evacuation of Jews from their homes and no return of refugees. Anything short of these positions is misleading and is not fair to Mr. Kerry who believes he is facilitating a process that will never come to fruition.

Stop deceiving the Secretary of State and like the others before him he will most likely pack up and go home and get busy with Afghanistan or something similar.


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