The director and star of a popular Lebanese TV show says he will not apologize for airing a skit that poked fun at Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Charbel Khalil told Lebanon’s Daily Star that he would not say sorry for impersonating Nasrallah in an episode of his comedy show. “I will not apologize,” Khalil said. “We are continuing with our work, and this issue is behind us now.”

Basmat Watan, a slapstick program aired by LBC TV— one of the country’s leading stations —  poked fun at Hezbollah’s role in Syria, with Nasrallah’s character lamenting what he said was a late intervention.

“Our weapons should have included planes and submarines,” he said.

Supporters of Nasrallah weren’t pleased, taking to the streets Friday to show their displeasure, burning tires and blocking roads in several parts of Lebanon.

“Apologizing is not possible because what would I be apologizing for?” Khalil said Saturday night, a day after the public outcry erupted.

“I will continue with my show but not for the sake of provoking [anyone],” he added.

Watch a video of the skit (in Arabic) below:

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Source: The Algemeiner


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