The Leader of the Lebanese Forces Party, the second largest Christian political party in Lebanon, Samir Geagea said on Thursday that Lebanon based terror group Hezbollah is “impeding the formation of a successful” Lebanese state, according to Lebanon’s The Daily Star.

“Hezbollah is a mini-state within the Lebanese state, and this mini-state contributes to impeding the formation of a successful state,” Geagea told a delegation of Lebanese expatriates affiliated with Lebanese Forces. “It is actually seeking to paralyze the state,” he was quoted as saying.

Geagea said Hezbollah is trying to keep the country in a state of paralysis by preventing the holding of elections and the formation of a government.

The terror group’s involvement in Syria, where it is aiding President Bashar al-Assad’s army in its battle against rebel forces, “plunges Lebanon into fire and we don’t know how and when it will end,” Geagea was reported as saying.

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Source: The Algemeiner


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