The Nassau County Legislature unanimously voted to establish an office of Inspector General, ensuring governmental transparency to Nassau County residents. The Inspector General will have the authority to investigate corruption, waste, and fraud in Nassau County government operations. The position will also have the power to subpoena witnesses during the course of any investigations.

“Creating the position of Inspector General is a way for the County to move forward,” said Presiding Officer Norma Gonsalves. “There was debate and discussion over the past two years over the issue that unfortunately led to many vital projects being held up.”

Deputy Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello stated, “Passing this legislation has cleared the way to implementing many road upgrades, sewer repairs, and other capital projects that will improve local infrastructure in many communities throughout Nassau County.”

In addition to creating the Inspector General position, the Legislature also passed a law limiting the amount of time an “acting commissioner” can serve as the head of a department. Currently, a commissioner may be appointed by the County Executive with a temporary “acting” title. The use of “acting” title interfered with the oversight obligation of the Legislature.

Under the new law, the County Executive must forward the appointment of a commissioner to the County Legislature within six months of the appointment for a confirmation vote, absent some extenuating circumstances.

“These initiatives are the latest in a series of measures passed by the Legislature to ensure that Nassau County government is the most transparent and accountable in New York State,” said Deputy Presiding Officer Richard Nicolello.

Inviting members of the public to recognize Nassau County Legislature’s commitment to integrity, efficiency, and accountability in government, Alternate Deputy Presiding Officer Legislator Howard J. Kopel stated, “Nassau’s residents are entitled to expect no less from their elected officials.”



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