By Rochelle Maruch Miller

“Over the past few years, the price of sukkahs has become very expensive,” says Yossi Light, a businessman and Monsey resident. “As a result, many families, particularly kollel couples and rebbeim, are finding it financially difficult to purchase a sukkah. Having learned in kollel and as a former rebbe, I know exactly what they are going through. And as the chairman of the tuition committee of a yeshiva, I am very involved with parents who are struggling with the challenges of paying for their children’s tuition. For many of these families, buying a sukkah at the current prices has become almost impossible. But buying a sukkah is not a luxury–it is a necessity to enjoy simchas ha’chag.”

Realizing the urgency to afford high-quality, affordable sukkahs to every member of the community, Yossi, together with Duddy Shagalov, Menachem Wolf, and Ariel Monamy (of Bison and Burger) launched Leishev BaSukkah, and changed the sukkah industry. Working in tandem, these concerned businessmen have dared to tread where no one has before. Utilizing their multiple inroads and connections in the importing world, both domestically and overseas, Leishev BaSukkah has now made it possible to purchase a sukkah at 40% less than the previous market rate, thereby obliterating the need for families to compromise on the kashrus or quality of their sukkah.

Leishev BaSukkah is committed to affording customers the same sukkah as the major distributors at factory-direct prices. It’s even better than having a brother-in-law in the business!

“Our sukkahs are made in the same locations overseas with the highest standards of kashrus and quality,” says Yossi.

Peruse their gallery of beautiful canvas sukkahs in all basic sizes on their website or inquire about customizing to your specifications. Each purchase includes schach, as well as a rubber hammer to facilitate assembly. Leishev BaSukkah is a game-changer, evident by the tremendous response it is eliciting from near and far.

“We are here to make Sukkos affordable again,” declares Yossi. “Not one ounce of quality has been compromised. We have good leverage from our main businesses and are therefore able and happy to pass on considerable savings to our customers. Our mission is for every family to afford to celebrate a true simchas ha’chag in one of our beautiful, very affordable sukkahs.”

For further information, please call 718-923-3020.


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