As my daughter is about to begin preschool and I have met with a new batch or morahs, I wanted to express my total awe and admiration for these blessed people. Morahs are the most bright-eyed bushy tailed women I can imagine. How do they do it?!?!?

Let’s compare school mornings: I wake up to get my daughter out to the bus, maybe squeeze in eating breakfast and brushing teeth before getting my son to his bus — all while still wearing the clothes I slept in. I don’t know how carpool will fit in with this. I assume I probably still wouldn’t have time to get dressed properly before doing that either, unless I wake up earlier — so again, no. Then I get started doing housework, paid work, and baby work in my quiet house before happily, exhaustedly taking a nap.

Now a morah’s morning: I think someone must sprinkle pixie dust on them. I know in many cases they also have their own children keeping them up late/ waking them up early. Yet they wake up at who knows what time, get dressed, made up, and “shaiteled” in a professional manner. I assume they also have carpools and buses to deal with. To get down to the real truth we all know: they make very little money. Yet, they greet our children with a smile and treat them throughout the day with patience, caring, and enthusiasm.

I once spoke to a morah at a Pesach program. I saw her “after hours” watching her own children at the hotel’s play area. I asked her, “Isn’t it hard to work on your vacation?” She answered me, “I don’t consider it work. I love being with children.” My jaw dropped. I wish I could at least pretend to relate to her. I had seen her throughout the vacation as being so sweet and patient with this rag tag bunch of preschoolers. And now this? I just don’t understand. I love my own children. I’m fine dealing with playdates on a fairly regular basis. But to actually go to a job that involved working with over 20 children at a time, then go “on vacation” and continue to work with 20 children at a time. I don’t think I could last even one whole day on that type of schedule.

And there’s more… Have you noticed how ORGANIZED their rooms are? Everything has its place. Toys are placed in the right containers. It just all looks to neat and clean. But this is a childrens area! Do you know what my childrens room looks like unless I spend hours cleaning. Or even my living room after only an hour or two of everyone playing there? Not as neat as the preschool rooms at school, that’s for sure.

Then, we have another hat they have to wear: projects. Where do they get all these ideas from? Somehow they make our kids’ scribbles into something we don’t mind displaying for all. I am such a sucker for preschool art projects. I actually felt quite sad and lonely when my husband and I were first married and we had no children’s decorations to hang in our sukkah. Baruch Hashem, obviously for more reasons than one, we have children’s decorations for each chag now.

Finally, and really their most critical job: they nurture all these different neshamas. Again, how? I remember driving carpool once and the girls were having a huge ugly debate over some essential issue like what color someone’s backpack really was. They resolved it by saying they would ask Morah Chaya. I thought, “This poor Morah Chaya who has 24 girls going at her with all these issues. May Hashem continue to give her strength to handle it all.”

So, I’ll agree to disagree with these morahs. I just cannot understand how they do it all, but am more than happy to ship my kids off to be watched by them all day.

Any morahs out there care to share a few secrets? Are you humans or malachim? Really, I’d like to know the truth behind your glowing smiles.


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