Dear Editor,

I have to tell you how much I love your paper. I’m not an avid newspaper-reader, but yours I peruse almost cover-to-cover. I don’t usually read Letters to the Editor but I read the letter from Eshel this Shabbos and, even though I have never written a letter to the editor either, it compelled me to write. My heart breaks for parents of gay children and I don’t use the politically correct term for something the Torah considers a “toevah”—an abomination. And yes, Eshel is correct that some people who own companies that solicit kosher supervision may be run by people who engage in immoral activities; nevertheless, the Gemara asserts that the majority of the community is involved in thievery, some in illicit acts, and everyone in lashon ha’ra. Consequently, cheating in business and even adultery, that Eshel seemed to compare to homosexuality, are deleterious and even horrific but considered relatively normal, if not acceptable, and certainly not an abomination.

I know that parents want to keep their children as close to themselves and the religion as possible; unfortunately, anyone with a same-sex partner has already left the fold. This situation is akin to someone calling himself Orthodox but not keeping Shabbos. To this person we have to say that he can call himself whatever he wants but his actions, behavior, etc. are not emblematic of Orthodoxy and he is NOT Orthodox. Even if gay people keep Shabbos to the best of their ability and keep kosher, they are still not frum or Orthodox or observant, whichever epithet suits you, as long as they continue practicing homosexuality.

I understand that some people have a proclivity towards homosexuality, just like some people are predisposed towards obesity or other mental, emotional, or health disorders; however, the obese person has to keep to a regimen to maintain health and, similarly, everyone has to rein in his desires for the sake of a peaceful society. Rambam, especially, has some remediation for bad behaviors and inclinations. We cannot condone homosexuality and call it an “alternative lifestyle” like the goyim do, and try to make Orthodoxy more appetizing for this contingent of the population by certifying a product with gay in its title.

Thank you for your anticipated attention to this matter.

C.P. Kreger


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