Dear Editor,

The column in last week’s paper about the Shomer Yisrael (From The Editor, “The Shomer Israel Fraud,” March 15) should have been titled “The Emperor’s New Clothing.” The silence is deafening. At his weekly press conference when the most obscure of subjects are reacted to his declination to say and do is inexcusable. Schumer, Schiff, and Adler have been vocal on Trump and silent on Omar. Imagine if someone had said on the floor of Congress the stereotypes of other ethnic groups, he would have been excoriated by name and removed from all committees. Yet this anti-Semite remains on the Foreign Affairs Committee and these representatives of the people are silent? Ignorance as a defense is silly. She didn’t understand how hurtful her statements were? Disgraceful. The timidity of the organized Jewish community organizations should also be called into question. We can no longer be politically correct and silent. Kudos for telling us that the emperor really has no clothing.

Howard Rhine

The Shomer Israel Fraud

Dear Editor,

I agree that Chuck Schumer is anything but a “guardian” of Jews and Israel (From The Editor, “The Shomer Israel Fraud,” March 15). His words ring hollow as he could have taken a stand during the Obama administration on multiple occasions: the Iran nuclear deal, Obama’s moral equivalency in the last Gaza conflict, the unprecedented mistreatment of Israel’s prime minister when visiting the U.S., and the surreptitious interference in the past Israeli election, to name a few. The attitude of Democratic candidates taking the “Jewish vote” for granted can be seen in Kirsten Gillibrand embracing Linda Sarsour and not voting for a ban on BDS prior to the 2018 midterm elections. No one should be surprised that the Democratic Party has, over the past decade, been embracing Jew haters such as Keith Ellison, and the Black Lives Matter movement whose charter incorporates anti-Semitism, while also remaining silent on Obama’s abstention on UN Resolution 2334. The latest lack of concern for anti-Semitism is the fact that Democratic Jewish members in the House of Representatives did not have the courage to vote “no” on the generic non-hate resolution that did not even name Omar for anti-Semitism. Where were the grandstanders such as Nadler and Schiff who never shied away from TV cameras in the past, when there is an urgent need to inform people why Omar should not be given a pass? Why did Elliot Engel state that he was not looking to get Omar off the House Foreign Affairs Committee, when her vote can affect policy in regard to Israel, a staunch ally of the U.S.? Jews must remember the lessons of history and instead of embracing the repeated and ridiculous lie that Trump is a Nazi, they should not allow the real fascists to get a pass. Jews need to remember this when voting in 2020 to not rely on empty words and promises. Our future existence depends on those who have the courage to take a stand. I think your paper should praise Lee Zeldin and other Republicans, who voted to confront anti-Semitism. Otherwise, we as Jews will be in the Garden of the Finzi-Continis.

Jan Henock


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