Sunny Reflections
On The Eclipse

Dear Editor,

This is to add to the article “Heavenly Reflections” (August 25) by our esteemed rabbi, Rabbi Jay Yaacov Schwartz, whom we dearly miss.

In the Hamodia, Rabbi Dovid Heber (one of the leaders of the Kosher Eclipse program) reports a discussion about whether or not the eclipse requires a berachah.

The Gemara refers to eclipses as a siman of pur’anus, as well as other negative simanim regarding eclipses. The Gemara, based on a pasuk in Sefer Yirmiyahu, says “ein mazal l’Yisrael.”

The discussion continues with Chovos HaLevavos saying that an eclipse is one of the great niflaos haBorei, and that one should not only appreciate the wonders of our Creator when seeing such infrequent events, but also appreciate the Ribbono shel Olam when viewing daily events such as sunrise and sunset.

And lastly, R’ Heber states that “the Chofetz Chaim is quoted as having said that it’s a mitzvah to observe an eclipse, and he went outside with all his talmidim to view the solar eclipse that swept through the skies of Europe on April 17, 1912.”

I wonder if they had solar eclipse glasses in 1912! Well, G-d willing, I’m holding onto mine because b’li neder I’m booking my reservations to be ‘on the path’, davening for a clear sky, on April 8, 2024. That’s 2,416 days and counting!

Rifka Saltz

Help Those Who Help You

Dear Editor and Community Members,

As you may know, the Rockaway Nassau Safety Patrol (RNSP Shomrim) is having a fundraising campaign to raise much-needed funds to keep our organization afloat and to continue the successful work that we do.

The RNSP serves the community in many ways. Our work serves to deter and reduce crime and to improve the overall quality of life that residents of the Rockaways and Five Towns enjoy. The extent of our service to the community often is unnoticed due to the fact that most of our work occurs while people are at home, safely and comfortably sleeping in their beds.

Learn more about the organization and its service to the community by visiting this fundraising campaign’s page at

We are reaching out to every member of our community, whether we’ve assisted you in the past or you have not yet needed our services. The organization’s overall goal is to raise $50,000 before Sunday morning at 9 a.m.

Please take just two minutes of your time to visit our fundraising page at

You will receive a receipt for your contribution after you donate. You can also mail checks payable to RNSP to Rockaway Nassau Safety Patrol, 716 Beach 9th Street, Far Rockaway, NY 11691.

Thank you so much in advance for your show of support. Your generous contribution will go a long way to ensure our continued success and vital service to the community.

Best Regards,

Your friends and family of the RNSP



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