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Dear Editor:

I write to correct some mistaken assumptions from last week’s meeting

With regard to the quest for a new Peninsula Public Library facility, It is important to note for the record that I support the PPL in their quest. Last year, voted to sell the PPL village property to make that happen. The objection that I raised during the August 19 meeting was a proposed PPL parking plan that would have allowed ALL the spots at the Lawrence LIRR to be available to nonresidents at certain times. The Village must maintain adequate parking for its residents who purchase the right to park at the train station.

In addition, I feel that holding the PPL presentation meeting on a Sunday evening, when multiple residents notified the Village that they would be away on summer vacation, was also a mistake.

Any large project must find a way to balance the needs of different stakeholders. I have confidence that the PPL will put forward a comprehensive traffic and parking plan and will work with all the interesting and affected parties to find a solution and move this important project forward.

Michael Fragin
Deputy Mayor, Village of Lawrence 

Dear Editor,

I think the series by Alex Sternberg about the relationship of the Catholic Church and Jews is a good summary of how we got here.

What I find currently disconcerting are the Jewish “progressives” (liberals) and activists against the current system who try to destroy this great democracy and Israel in the name of justice and egalitarianism for the “oppressed.” The truth is anti-Israel is anti-Semitism, just masked as righting the wrongs. I’m amazed how “good Jews” will take sides that are harmful to Jews and Israel in the name of justice. Do they think, G-d forbid, if our enemies are successful, that they will be spared because they helped our enemies? I don’t get them. I guess Alex’s story will continue, unfortunately.



  1. Dear Editor,
    I would like to alert the readers of a potential Kashrus issue that I was unaware of until recently. Living in a frum neighborhood, we often assume everything around us is kosher or assume that if frum people shop in certain stores they must be OK.
    There is a TCBY store nearby in Lynbrook. For years, nationally TCBY yogurt was under the Texas K. At some point that changed and individual stores needed their own Hashgacha. This local store had two hashgachas- one on the yogurt itself and another on the store. The store Hashgacha was given by Rav Zushe Blech of Monsey. At some point, the hashgacha on the yogurt was changed to a Hashgacha that many Rabbonim have questioned its reliability in some of their other restaurants. However, there was still Rav Blech to rely on. This past January, Rav Blech died.
    TCBY did not replace him and currently only have the other Hashgacha in place.
    There are two issues here- first off, the current hashgacha is only on the yogurt- not on any of the toppings. People seem to be unaware of that and continue to eat from the toppings as well. Second, people should consult their local Rav and determine if the current Hashgacha meets their standards.
    A concerned reader


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