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Senator Gillibrand, Support Your Constituents

Dear Editor,

Two days before I wrote this letter, the Senate overwhelmingly voted against the disgusting, hateful BDS movement. But 17 Democratic senators voted in favor of BDS. One of these shameful senators was our own senator, Senator Gillibrand. Senator Gillibrand, whether you disagree politically with her or not, once upon a time was a pro-Israel Democrat. She has gone so far left that she voted against her own constituents, the Jewish people, which comprise around 1 million New Yorkers. Senator Gillibrand is running for president next year, and just remember that she has voted in favor of the Iran Deal and BDS. This is outrageous and Jews who vote for her are shameful. We can’t support these crazy people who vote against their own constituents. If Senator Gillibrand reads this, this is my message for you: Shame on you. What you continue to do is despicable, from your lying to New York that you wouldn’t run for president to flip flopping on the issues.

We as Jews, no matter Republican or Democrat, must support each other, as it’s shameful to see people’s own agendas get in front of morality. We are Am Yisrael and it’s embarrassing to see a senator who represents the biggest Jewish population in America vote against them. Senator Gillibrand has said that even though she’s “against” the BDS movement, she needs to support it because we have to give them the right to speak. And if you are such a proponent of our systems all a sudden, then why did you ask Senator Al Franken to step down without due process? (I’m not a fan of his, but still.) All you are is full of hate and selfishness. Even the Democratic leader in the senate, Senator Schumer, whom I don’t like, voted against BDS. Madam Senator, it’s time for you to start thinking for “we the people.” Stop advancing your own personal agenda, but instead start advancing the agenda of the constituents who elected you.

Donny Simcha Guttman

Democrats and Jews

Dear Editor,

I am a senior citizen who grew up in a household where being Jewish and a Democrat went hand in hand. That was the norm when I was growing up. The present reality is that the Democratic Party no longer serves the needs of the Jewish community. I’d go so far as to say that it doesn’t even represent the general American citizenry. Present day Democrats seem concerned only with representing the interests of illegal aliens and the homosexual community and its varied subcategories, and with raising the taxes of legal citizens whom they are supposed to represent. New Yorkers especially have fallen under the spell of radical elected officials, such as Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, and the new voice of insane policies, Representative Ocasio-Cortez. All these elected officials want to do is tax the rich. They may say only the extremely rich, but it ends up being all of us who work to make a living. As Mayor de Blasio said, there’s a lot of money in New York, but “it’s just in the wrong hands.” Really Mr. Mayor? If someone worked and earned a considerable amount of money, it shouldn’t be in his hands. It should be in the hands of someone who didn’t work for it, and this person should be rewarded for someone else’s hard work. Does this make sense to anyone with even a single neuron working?

Of course, we have the self-proclaimed “shomer Yisrael,” Mr. Schumer, representing us. You remember Mr. Schumer, who sat by idly as the “deal” with Iran was being arranged. It’s also the same person who waited quite a while before responding to Representative Omar’s blatant anti-Semitic rants, with a very weak response. Mr. Schumer, please stop insulting us by proclaiming yourself a “shomer Yisrael.” If you’re a “shomer Yisrael,” I hate to see a sonay (hater of) Yisrael. Senator Gillibrand is another prize. Once upon a time when it was in her interest, her record on Israel was acceptable. Now she backs BDS and is very comfortable with the like of Representatives Omar and Ocasio-Cortez and others who are anti-Israel.

All these Democrats feel secure that they have the Jewish vote. We need to send them all a wake-up call. Their policies don’t represent our interests, and they need to be made clearly aware of that. How? Do not support them monetarily and certainly not with our votes. Wake up. This is not your parents’ Democratic Party.



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