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Be An Active Parent

Dear Readers,

In response to your informative and articulate articles concerning parenting, thank you for creating this awareness, guiding us to recognize that our children’s feelings are real and that our role is not blaming or judging them for how they feel but rather attempting to listen, validate, deeply understand, and emphasize. The next step for parents is maintaining open communication with our children — meaning, really listening to them and being genuinely interested in their lives. Yes, parents (including myself!), we need to actively listen.

So many parents sit in my office and are often surprised to discover what has been replaying for years in their child’s world. Now is a very busy and hectic time for many, yet it is ideal for us to use the time when parents and children are home together as an opportunity to listen and learn from each other with love, compassion, real understanding, and genuine acceptance. It was brought to my attention that Rabbi Forchheimer, Dr. Shanik of Lakewood, and other community leaders recorded Pesach messages encouraging parents to be in tune to the happenings in their children’s lives especially during yom tov. These messages can be listened to by dialing 641-715-3800 and then dialing 811504#.

A rav from Miami shared with me that because the kedushah of yom tov and the potential for growth is so enormous, to maintain equilibrium, Hashem gives us unique nisyonos as well precisely during these times. Rav Gavriel Finkel, zt’l, shared that avoiding anger and frustration at our family members during this season is an even greater mitzvah than cleaning for a mashehu of chometz. Our spouses, children, families, and neighbors — both Jewish and non-Jewish — are watching us now; let us display positivity, extra courtesy, and true simcha as we embrace the yom tov of real freedom.

A Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist

From 5TJT.com:

Willow View Estates Plans Bring Woe To Woodmere

As a Town of Hempstead resident I support the proposed development of the Woodmere Club.

Plumber Mike

Dear Plumber Mike,

I expect that 200–300 new families in the neighborhood will be good for my business too, but I’d rather keep the quality of life in the Five Towns high while keeping the traffic and flooding to a low. As a Town of Hempstead resident I don’t support overdevelopment, traffic, flooding, and taxed infrastructure.

Lawyer Mario

From the Editor: The Shomer Israel Fraud

Dear Mr. Gordon,

Bravo for this accurate, insightful, and eloquently written piece! It’s not unusual for politicians to be hypocrites, but the cowering and hiding in fear (with their tails between their legs) when their very junior, venom-filled colleagues spew antisemitic and anti-Israel comments shows that the political floor in this country has dropped to depths even lower than believed possible. The politicians you identified by name may be Jewish by birth, but their actions (or lack of) and what they worship are the antithesis of Judaism.


It is common knowledge that the vast majority of Jew-haters come from right-wing fanatics and white supremacists. Very few of these folks are Democrats. Are there anti-Israel congress people? Of course there are. However, Schumer and leadership Democrats have wisely decided not to give them additional publicity. They are best ignored. Our president has never been loyal to anyone or any cause. He is a serial betrayer of all who have come into contact with him, either professionally or personally. Can there be any doubt that, under certain circumstances, he will betray Israel? The man has no core principals. His only motivation is self-interest. Jews who cast their lot with this deeply flawed person are doing so at their own risk.


Remembering A Giant: Rabbi Dr. Ephraim R. Wolf

A magnificently written tribute to a great man and rabbi. My late wife and I arrived in Great Neck in July 1970. Rabbi Wolf, z’l, heard about us and came to visit us and to welcome us into the community. He was a warm, smiling man who always addressed the congregation as “you beautiful people.” He will never be forgotten. May his memory ever be for a blessing and an inspiration.

Rabbi Esor Ben-Sorek


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