Show Of Support For Israel, September 27

Dear Editor,

Your article on Jerusalem, [“Forgetting Thee O Jerusalem,” September 14 edition] and the fact that mention of the city was deliberately omitted from the 2012 Democratic platform, and then the deceitful way in which it was put back in, is a great reminder that Jerusalem must be in the forefront of our thoughts as we go to the ballot box this November.

I was also applauding silently as I read J. Philip Rosen’s article on Obama, [“Jews Are Not That Stupid, Mr. President,” September 14 edition] his distancing himself from Israel, and his show of great disdain for Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The crowning touch to this insufferable behavior of Obama’s is his refusal to meet with the PM this September 27 when Netanyahu will be addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations in NYC.

It should be shocking that the mainstream press does not blast Obama for his pandering to the mullahs and dictators of the Arab world. The president’s refusal to label Islamic terrorism for what it is has permitted that disease to grow out of control in the Middle East and to plant its seeds firmly here in America. Showing disrespect for Israel’s Prime Minister is a strong signal to the Arab world that Obama is on their side.

Unable to sit idly by during this impossible slap in the face to Israel’s PM, I have arranged for a demonstration and sound permit outside the Israeli Consulate, 42nd Street and Second Avenue, 12:00—2:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 27, to coincide with Bibi’s appearance at the UN. Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI is asking the entire Jewish community of New York and its environs to come out in force to support Israel and its Prime Minister at that time.

Nothing can be more important than demonstrating that Jews have not forgotten Jerusalem and are not that stupid that they will continue to support a U.S. president who puts Israel’s very life in danger.

As editor of an influential LI Jewish newspaper, I ask that you publicize this event as much as possible, encouraging your readers to commit themselves to attending, along with enlisting the support of neighbors, family, and friends.

Helen Freedman

Executive Director

Americans for a Safe Israel/AFSI

A Tradition Of Callousness

Dear Editor,

You concluded your September 14 column with a phrase that is an apt title for a book about the Democratic Party in the opening decade of the 21st century: “An abundance of leftists.” I expect that the 2016 Democratic National Convention will avoid any mention of G‑d and of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

At the hard left New York Times, we have a resurgence of the paper’s callous mindset of 1939. The Times excoriates Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for urging an international “red line” to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons (see the September 18 editorial “No Rush to War) without mentioning the calls by Iran’s leaders for the annihilation of Israel. (I wonder how President Obama would react if this threat from Iran were directed, say, at Saudi Arabia.)

On May 18, 1939 the Times supported the British White Paper closing Palestine to Jewish immigration. This was six months after Kristallnacht. The Times proclaimed that Palestine could not accommodate the European Jews in need of refuge. One month later, June 14, 1939, the Times ran its third editorial on the St. Louis tragedy. None of the editorials called on President Roosevelt to grant refuge to the 800 Jews of the St. Louis. The June 14, 1939 editorial declared that the days of mass migration to the United States were over. The American handling of the St. Louis affair was seen by the late Arthur Morse, author of While Six Million Died as a signal to Hitler that the Jews were left for him to deal with as he chose.

The editorial outrage at The New York Times, September 15, directed at Prime Minister Netanyahu–accompanied by similar expressions from Times columnists in recent days–continues the tradition of institutional callousness towards imperiled Jewry. I will not be surprised that such callousness will come to afflict the Democratic Party, particularly with the reelection of President Obama. The question then will be: just how much can Jewish leftists take?

David R. Zukerman

The Bronx


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