Voice Of The Silent

Dear Editor,

Barry Jacobson, in his articles about Zionism, spoke for the “silent majority” of shomrei Torah u’mitzvos; he spoke up for many poshite Yidden. Thanks so much for publishing Barry’s words and allowing him to continue replying to his detractors.

He may have been silenced temporarily. The rest of us know what we know, have seen, and believe, and no shouting, intimidation, and half-arguments will change that.

By a Sheva Berachos, we say Hashem will eventually let those who have been previously silenced to sing out. Thanks for bringing that moment a bit more forward.

Lev Bar Nattan

Unworthy Of Our Support?

Dear Editor,

I was extremely disappointed to see a picture in a recent issue that featured two well-known, respected members of the frum community posing with mayoral candidate and former congressman Anthony Weiner. Weiner not only acted immorally, arrogantly, and in a childish fashion, but then went on to lie about it for a week of press conferences. He looked right into the eyes of his interviewers, and without even breaking a sweat, lied and tried to blame conservative outlets for his boorish behavior. I’m not usually surprised by a politician who acts without shame, but I was this time and remain extremely disappointed in the gentlemen who posed with him. Shame on them.

Alan Skorski

West Hempstead


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