Turbulence At JFK

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your important article on last week’s front page about an incident at JFK. The real chillul Hashem is that anyone, especially a Jew, could read about the unjust profiling of Dr. Silverman and still say that he should have apologized for exercising his legal right to pick up passengers–a right enjoyed by every other ethnicity. Maybe some people would find it appropriate to have signs in the pickup areas of JFK that say “No Jews Allowed.”

I am grieved to say that you are so right. No other group would give a pass to those who profile them, and instead blame the victim. Perhaps this defeatist, groveling mentality is reflected in our community’s failure to be very vocal about the disproportionate prison sentences imposed on Jonathan Pollard and others.

Yes, the officer who made the anti-Jewish remark to Dr. Silverman was a jerk, but if such “minor” incidents are tolerated, they will increase and become the norm. Ask anyone who lived in Germany in the 1930s.

Continued success in the New Year!

Bette Cyzner

Forest Hills

Traffic In The Five Towns

Dear Editor,

As the Five Towns continues to expand and grow, with more people moving out from Queens and Brooklyn, and more stores and restaurants opening, so too the traffic is also expanding.

As someone who lives in the center of town, I ask people to calm down! Think before you honk your horn, or before you react to someone else’s horn; signal when you are thinking of pulling over, or if you are browsing the local stores to see what’s going on; don’t park at the hydrants–it’s really not a good idea and it’s illegal. Use the lots instead of double-parking (there are many places behind the stores to park). Don’t make U-turns on Central Avenue–it’s not allowed, it holds up traffic, and people have been injured. For goodness’ sake, use the huge parking lot at Brach’s instead of blocking visibility of people coming out of the store and making it difficult for people to drive through.

The Five Towns is a beautiful neighborhood. Unfortunately, the honking and noise on Central detracts from that, and people notice. Let’s try and keep it beautiful by considering the next guy, and perhaps keeping the traffic flowing and a little less noisy and stressful.


Cedarhurst, NY

Israel And Agudah

Dear Editor,

You had good coverage last week of Agudah in Washington. Unfortunately, we were not privileged as yet to hear that Agudah and other Torah organizations have stood up in Washington for our rights from the Torah to Eretz Yisrael. It would also behoove us to invite delegates from Yehuda and Shomron to speak at our organizations. We do not want a repeat of Gush Katif. Hopefully this will lead to the full geulah.

Berachah V’Hatzlachah,

Shmuel Koenig


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