The ‘Mangano Tax’

Is Costing Millions

Dear Editor,

When you opened your school-tax bill over the last few weeks, you likely endured the same kind of sticker shock that I did. Many residents in Nassau County nearly fell over when they saw that their property taxes had risen again. In fact, property taxes have risen an average of 19% countywide over the last two years.

You are likely asking yourself: How can this be? Didn’t Governor Cuomo institute a property-tax cap that holds school districts to about 2% in annual increases? Where did the other 16% come from? The answer is that County Executive Mangano’s mismanagement of the county’s finances has led to the imposition of the “Mangano Tax.”

The “Mangano Tax” is a term derived from Mangano’s mismanagement of the county assessment system–which is a nightmarish mess unlike any other system in the state. Despite the schools doing their fair share and keeping spending down, Mangano’s lack of leadership on assessments is leading us to fiscal ruin.

What’s more, his answer to the majority of the county’s economic woes is to simply borrow more money. This is the equivalent of putting your home-mortgage payments on a credit card, month after month. Mangano is so addicted to borrowing that his own Republican comptroller recently issued a report that slammed his administration for attempting to borrow too much.

Something has got to give. We need real leadership on these critical issues, or else Nassau County will continue its fiscal decline, and young working families will continue to be priced out. We need someone who can deliver leadership and results, and that person is certainly not Ed Mangano.

Kevan Abrahams


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