It’s Not The Men

Dear Editor,

I just read Rabbi Yair Hoffman’s article in the Five Towns Jewish Times regarding pants, leggings, and gym clothing (“The Gym and the Carpool,” November 8), and I have to say that it’s about time this information was publicized. I’ve always thought that leggings were forbidden for women, so I was shocked when I moved here and saw otherwise-tzniusdik women wearing leggings . . . but then again, I’m from Boro Park.

Anyway, even though other readers were offended or blamed men, as evidenced by letters sent to the editor, I for one applaud the author. Keep up the good work!



Dear Editor,

While I think it would have been received much better if Rabbi Hoffman’s article had stated in the beginning that the impetus for his piece came from women who requested that he write it, the halachic points he elucidated are important for us to review. And as the volatile reaction to his sincere effort proves, it was courageous to write and publish this piece.

Bracha Goetz

Where Is Senator Schumer?

Dear Editor,

In answer to your query, “Where is Senator Schumer?” (From the Editor, November 15), I would like to offer the following. I believe it may have been Rush Limbaugh who coined the phrase “low-information voter.” When Senator Schumer appears in front of Jewish audiences, and tells them that his name means “shomer,” he is pandering to this bloc of low-information voters.

People who are either too busy trying to make a living, or uninterested in politics and not paying attention to the world around them. Senator Schumer may be ethnically Jewish, but his religion is liberalism. He has attained a high office with immense prestige and power, but in his quest for a promotion to majority leader, he is willing to throw Israel under the bus, in order to not get on the administration’s wrong side.

Thomas Lax



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