Prayers and Politics

Dear Editor,

You urged an intensification of “reciting Tehillim and davening” for the safe return of the three Israeli boys kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists (“Our Prayers,” June 20). While his suggestion is certainly meritorious, it should also be accompanied by political action. A large majority of Jewish voters supported Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Jewish donors contributed generously to both Obama presidential campaigns, as well as to the Democratic Party and many of its other candidates. The American Jewish community is thus particularly well positioned to insist that the Obama administration withdraw its recognition of the Hamas—Palestinian Authority government and suspend U.S. aid to Hamas-ruled Gaza. Obama’s recognition and aid sent Hamas a message that there would be no serious consequence for its terrorism; now it’s time for the president to send Hamas a new message–that the U.S. will not subsidize those who kidnap Israeli children. Letters by concerned American Jews to President Obama, members of congress, and Democratic Party leaders are essential to advancing this goal.

Moshe Phillips and

Benyamin Korn


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