Bring Your Own Vest?

Dear Editor,

I am a resident of the Five Towns area. I have been trying to spread the word about the needed bulletproof vests that the Israeli army is not providing to many soldiers on the front line. The link will lead to shuls in Baltimore that are collecting and arranging for much-needed bulletproof vests to be supplied to the front line. Please see if there is any way that you could possibly help to spread the word amongst our people about this situation. 


David Sprung

Waste In Gaza

Dear Editor,

I am surprised at how sophisticated this Gaza tunnel network is. I thought it would be a series of makeshift holes in the ground. Nope. There are kilometers of concrete-reinforced tunnels with electricity (which Israel pays for) and telephones. The surrendered Hamas militants admitted that 200 Hamas members were planning on massacring several towns on the border on Rosh Hashanah. Thank you, Hashem.

But this got me thinking. Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2006. It’s hard to get exact numbers, but it seems the Palestinians may have received well over $10 billion in aid since then. If half that amount was spent on education, can you imagine what a different Gaza it would be? College education doesn’t need to cost $10,000—$25,000 a year (though American colleges would like us to think so). Can you imagine how many Palestinians could have become proficient in English? Think about how many MDs they could have trained. How many engineers, lawyers, nurses, computer technicians, or teachers could they have trained? How different would the landscape be if they made their region a desirable place to outsource jobs to? With all the cement from the tunnels they built, how many schools, hospitals, or public-housing apartments could they have built?

The fact is, they are miserable and desperate, and only depressed people have the will to fight a battle they will certainly lose. They are depressed because they have no jobs. They have no jobs because their leadership invests in terror and not in their people. (Prescription painkillers and other vices are rampant in the PA.) And now that Israel will iy’H destroy the tunnel city, they will have wasted eight years and have nothing to show for it. What a shame.

I truly hope the IDF, with Hashem’s help, are able to stay in Gaza long enough to completely cripple and oust Hamas. For our sake and for the Arabs’ sake.

Ari Dicker

Far Rockaway


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