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Dear Editor,
There comes a time when people are forced to cast aside blind allegiances and vote with both eyes open to save homes, jobs, and communities. That time is now. We don’t need to read the Forbes 2014 “List of the Top 10 States People are Fleeing From” or Newsday’s article, “Census: Trend as More People Leave New York” to see that our once-great state has reached that crucial juncture where people of all ages have begun to leave homes and neighborhoods they have loved and made memories in for most of their lives.
And the reasons are clear: exorbitant property and sales taxes; a reduced level of educational standards, especially with the mandated introduction of Common Core; fewer hospitals; a lack of new job opportunities and fewer incentives for businesses of all sizes in a stagnant economy; an antiquated tax code and regulatory system; a sagging infrastructure; diminished services; and an increase in corruption throughout a State Assembly that cares little about its residents.
This is the time to break away from ties that have bound us at the polling booths, forcing us to fill a little circle because tradition has made us follow a particular line on Election Day. The time is now to select State Assembly representatives who will put aside personal gain and listen to the people of New York. The time is over for voting for protégés of the type of Sheldon Silver politics that has brought New York State down to the lowest level in almost a century.
That is why I choose to vote for Avi Fertig for Assembly in the 20th Assembly District, covering Atlantic Beach, East Atlantic Beach, Long Beach, Lido Beach, Point Lookout, the Five Towns, Island Park, Bay Park, Oceanside, and portions of East Rockaway.
I have devoted most of my adult life as a civic-minded woman and public servant. Each vote I make is carefully weighed because, from my decades of experience, I fully understand how it will affect me, as well as my family, neighbors, and friends. Avi Fertig shares my passion. During Superstorm Sandy, when many of us were tirelessly aiding others in any way we could, I saw his concern. And now, when some of us still are fighting the battles for Sandy victims, Avi continues to herald the cause through his government position–and his heart.
When I needed ways to help neighborhood residents as a local political leader, assist people in need from throughout the South Shore as the head of a local community center based in the Five Towns, or come to the aid of women with distinct problems as county president of one of the largest women’s Republican organizations in the nation, it was Avi’s phone number on my short list of go-to people to make sure that the job got done, and done right.
Avi Fertig has stood up for what is important in our lives, families, homes, and neighborhoods, and he has fought the good fight for the best and most secure means to solve problems of all manner and magnitude. If you are done, as I am, with the careless spending and horrific corruption that pervades Albany, come out on Election Day and vote for our future and for the future of our once great state! I believe that a vote for Avi Fertig for Assembly is a vote to protect what we cherish most.

Ann Salpeter Schockett

Ms. Schockett holds leadership positions in the Federation of Republican Women.


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