No Sore Losers Here

Dear Editor,
Of 30,225 votes cast for state assemblyman on Election Day, November 4, I came up short by 2,601. I’m disappointed, but far from alone in that respect: I received over 70% of the Five Towns’ vote, higher than nearly any other Assembly candidate in recent memory. I also know that most great careers in political leadership begin with at least one loss.
Essentially, last week’s result was mostly of me getting that loss out of the way. Considering the outpouring of support and continued interest in my ideas and visions for the 20th Assembly District, which began before my nomination and has continued since the election, this mindset makes sense.
My attention is back on my challenging and rewarding job as special assistant to Town of Hempstead Councilman Anthony Santino. I spend a good percentage of my time working closely with our area’s elected officials, which includes forming a positive, working relationship with my former opponent, Assemblyman-elect Todd Kaminsky.
Todd and I have already spoken, joked that we both need to clean our cars of the piles of campaign detritus that accumulated these past few months, and will meet soon to discuss issues affecting Councilman Santino’s district. I’m confident that working with Mr. Kaminsky will be productive.
It’s difficult to express the gratitude I feel to the many, many skilled, dedicated, and hardworking people who helped with my campaign. It was a pleasure to meet them and an honor to be the candidate they chose to help elect. The best I can do is say “thank you,” and hope the depth of feeling those two words represent to me will suffice to convey what I wish for them to know. The same applies to everyone who voted for me, contributed money, hosted and attended events, accompanied me to debates and rallies, and, whenever and wherever needed, selflessly and generously gave their talents, professionalism, and time.

Avi Fertig
Avi Fertig was the Republican and Conservative candidate for 20th Assembly District in this month’s election.


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