An Open Letter
To Senator Schumer

We are now at the brink of the final round of talks involving the United States and other world powers on the status of Iran and its driving ambition to develop a nuclear weapons capability and annihilate the State of Israel.
You, Senator Schumer, have a sacred responsibility, as a representative of the Jewish people who holds an extremely powerful position in the United States government, to do everything in your means to prevent Iran from realizing this catastrophic objective.
Many years ago, another Persian nation, under the evil despot Haman, undertook a similar plot to destroy the Jewish people. As we read each year on Purim, the anniversary of the miraculous salvation of the Jewish people, Mordechai begged Queen Esther to intervene on this matter with the king and annul Haman’s decree.
At first, Esther demurred, arguing that she would be putting her own life in danger were she to intercede as Mordechai had urged. Mordechai’s familiar response was that if she were to remain silent at such a critical time, G‑d would certainly create another avenue of salvation for His people, but that she will have forfeited everything.
So, too, Senator, please understand that it is not a coincidence that you occupy such a position of world leadership. Rather, it should be apparent that this was part of an exquisite plan to enable your intervention to help prevent this from happening in Iran.
If for any reason you remain silent and fail to meet this challenge, there will be others who will come to the fore and rescue Israel from this terrible plot, but you will have lost a historic opportunity to stand up for your people.

Rabbi Chaim Cohen


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