The Truth About De Blasio

Dear Editor,
Telling the truth is an important part of Judaism; it is part of our Ten Commandments.
Yet the Five Towns Jewish Times failed that test when you stated (“Cuba and Israel,” December 26), “Last week two police officers were executed, and leadership gave the impression that there might be a place somewhere that action like that is understandable.”
Mayor Bill de Blasio actually stated the opposite two weeks prior to the assassination, when he wrote, “New York City owns a proud and powerful tradition of expression through non-violent protest. Demonstrations and free speech are valuable contributions to debate, but violence and disorder are not only wrong–they are counterproductive.”
You, and those who have joined with you in spreading those lies, including PBA president Lynch, SBA president Mullins, and former governor Pataki, owe our city and our mayor a heartfelt and public apology. Perhaps then we can begin the healing that we need.

David S. Pecoraro

A Day To Remember

Dear Editor,
How well my husband and I remember the Secret Service activities during the days prior to and the day of President Ronald Reagan’s visit to Temple Hillel in North Woodmere on October 26, 1984 (“Reagan at 30,” December 19 5TJT). Although we did not attend the program, my father, Herbert M. Shumer, z’l, founder and first president of Temple Hillel, did attend. I still have the program and commemorative yarmulke that was given on that day (see photo). It was a day that we talked about for many years, and the visit still has relevance today.

Lenore Shumer Stamm


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