Thank You, RCCS

Dear Editor,

I would like to publicly express my hakaras hatov to the Ribbono shel Olam for such a wonderful organization like RCCS. On account of RCCS, I am able to be treated by highly recommended doctors. I could, of course, never have afforded the high premiums for insurance or out-of-network doctors.

In the z’chus of RCCS, I was able to attend three weddings of my grandchildren and was zocheh to see the birth of a great-grandchild.

The nisayon is not easy, but knowing that RCCS is always at my side, with such wonderful hartziga and tiera staff, gives me and my family the courage and strength we so much need.

May Hashem send a refuah shleimah for all of K’lal Yisrael and may Hashem repay them with ach tov v’chesed kol yemei chayehem.


Yocheved Leah

Our School Away

From School

Dear Editor,

Please allow us to share the following note of thanks to the Yeshiva of South Shore as expressed by a young member of our Five Towns community.

Dear Rabbi Hertzberg and Co.,

Thank you for hosting us and giving us a place to learn for the past few weeks. It meant a lot to all of us. Without your chesed and kindness, we would not have had a place to learn. We all greatly appreciate your kindness in letting us stay in your building even though you got nothing out of it (except for a headache).


Baruch Weissman

and the students of DRS

Light The Way

Dear Editor,

The problem of invisible house numbers is not a new one. Hatzalah has been asking people to light up their house numbers for years now. Baruch Hashem I recently had the opportunity to help pick up and deliver meals. I cannot count the number of homes where I could not see a number. Valuable time is lost; families are kept waiting for their warm meals, and the driver is creating a danger on the road as she tries to figure out her destination. When attending functions in private homes the same problem often exists.

Please ride past your own house at night. If you cannot see the number as you pass, put up another light or move the number over to existing light. Check your neighbors’ homes too.

Faya Cohen


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