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Thriving In The Catskills

Dear Editor,

In the Heard in the Bagel Store column (“Catskills Diary,” July 10) you wrote, “Most of them [shuls] — except in Woodbourne — are rundown and dilapidated but still standing.” Perhaps, but that gives your readers (including me) the impression that only the Woodbourne Shul is not rundown and dilapidated. Your statement is unfortunate and untrue.

Four miles from Woodbourne is the sleepy town of Loch Sheldrake. On Route 52, Main St. (where else?) is the Hebrew Congregation of Loch Sheldrake, Adas Yisroel. Built in the 1920s, it is the only shul in the Catskills on the National Register of Historical Places. The shul has a sanctuary, a woman’s gallery, a social hall, and a kitchen. Stunning stained glass windows surround the four sides of the building.

The shul is led by Rabbi Dr. Rashi Shapiro (senior rabbi and president) and Rabbi Aaron Mandel (assistant rabbi). Daily during the summer Shacharis is at 8 a.m. and Minchah/Ma’ariv is 15 minutes before shkiah. Minchah/Kabbalas Shabbos is at 7 p.m. Davening on Shabbos morning is at 9 a.m. Minchah and motzaei Shabbos Ma’ariv times can be found on Godaven.com.

Mr. Gordon, you are invited to visit this historic shul. It will give you a true taste of the old and new Catskills.


Benjamin Langer, CPA
Shul Treasurer

Keeping It Kosher

Dear Editor,

I was appalled to see in your paper that there is another attempt to cause machlokes in our neighborhood (Halachic Musings, “The Pros and Cons of a Second Kashrus Organization,” by Rabbi Yair Hoffman, July 10). Of course that’s not how it is presented. There is an attempt to present it as something good — like a wolf in sheep’s clothing! The only reason for trying to set up another kashrus organization is that some establishments in the area are unhappy with the high standards of our Vaad, and they have enough money to buy two men who probably are everything claimed as far as their learning etc., but they are enticed by the money. If they are really interested in working on kashrus in our area, they could join the existing, well-respected Vaad and work from within the organization without causing machlokes.

A very distressed neighbor


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