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Help Beautify Park Lane in North Woodmere

Dear Editor,

I am writing to your newspaper to discuss a project that I am trying to undertake for renovating and beautifying Park Lane of North Woodmere. I was able to contact legislator Carrie Solanges, who attended a community cleanup event on Saturday, May 11 to address issues of poor conditions and trash in the creek adjacent to Park Lane.

I have started a Facebook group to promote this movement against county officials who have done nothing to better the area of concern over the years. As a concerned resident of North Woodmere I hope to bring awareness to the area and seek additional volunteers to help make our voices stronger.

Thank you,
Dr. Wendy Longo

School District Election

Dear SD #14 Extended Family,

As we just read in last week’s Pirkei Avot, Perek 2, Mishnah 4: Hillel says, “Do not separate yourself from the community.” (“Al tifrosh min ha’tzibbur.”)

We are blessed to be members of a wonderful community with exceptional resources. It is, therefore, incumbent on each and every one of us to ensure that these blessings continue to flourish here in Hewlett Woodmere School District #14.

Despite your busy schedules, please, please take a few minutes on Tuesday, May 21, to go to Woodmere Education Center, 1 Johnson Place, Woodmere, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., to cast your ballot for Cheryl Slansky, Public Library Trustee. Let’s bring a diverse voice to the communal table, backed by hands-on real estate and corporate financial business experience.

Each and every vote is so vital, so let’s ALL do everything possible to make SD 14 even more outstanding.

Cheryl “Chedva” Slansky, MBA

Be Joyful

Dear Editor,

How do you like this story: I discovered your lovely publication last week — my piano tuner had wrapped a new string for my piano in the 5TJT newspaper. What Divine Providence! I looked up your latest issues online and discovered that it was the yahrzeit of a lovely resident of our block, Mrs. Rozy Gordon, mother of Larry Gordon. I miss her. She was sharp as a whip, so nice to talk to. Her presence is missed on Montgomery Street!

I was in the Five Towns recently and used the opportunity to check in the local bookstores how my new book on joy is doing. It seems that it could use some promoting. My name is not known in this part of the world.

I have authored two books on joy. The first one, “It’s Okay to Laugh, Seriously!” (published by Mosaica/Feldheim), was hailed a bestseller (also translated into Spanish). The second, “New Joy: Response to a Changing World” (published by Targum), is generating even more enthusiastic reviews than the first but the cover is more serious, so it doesn’t beg to be bought as the first did.

Thank you,

Gitty Stolik


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