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Doubts About Nadler’s Good Intentions

Dear Editor,

Regarding “Congressman Nadler Cancels” (From the Editor, September 6), I believe that you are mistaken when you say, “…Mr. Nadler’s support (of Israel) will remain rock-solid.” Your article makes the opposite case with Mr. Nadler supporting Obama’s initiative on the Iran Nuclear Deal, not showing up for the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem last year, and not taking on “The Squad,” especially over their virulent anti-Semitic remarks. You indicate that Mr. Nadler has a yeshiva education and met with the Munkatcher Rebbe, but despite his background, he is not vocal in Jewish causes. (Nadler has not affected Pollard’s status vis-à-vis settling in Israel.) There’s no excuse for him to remain in power if that power is not used to defend what is right versus what is wrong. Nadler is doing nothing to stop the Democrat party from abandoning Israel to ensure that he remains in power. Mr. Nadler, fearing a primary challenge, has vowed to impeach President Trump, who we have established is the most pro-Jewish and pro-Israel president in modern history. As head of the powerful Judiciary Committee, Nadler spends endless time and taxpayer dollars following a disastrous path that is not only toxic to him, but to the country as well. Why is it that there is no Republican candidate to challenge him and to give his constituents a choice?

Jan Henock
Woodmere, New York

Show Your Support

Dear Editor,

I have not had a chance to respond before but it has bothered me terribly when I see Yidden not having the clarity to make correct choices.

First, it is incumbent on every frum, Torah-abiding Jew to vote. It is both an honor and privilege that we are given equality in this country. We have the opportunity to have our needs addressed. Our votes make a difference to our elected officials and they know that mostly the Orthodox community doesn’t vote much or, if they show up, they vote Democratic.

Second, I was blown away when I read the objections that people had about supporting Trump financially or voting for him at all. One of the letters was actually singing Biden’s praises and holding him up as an example of a moral person, even though he is constantly being caught in his own lies. His own wife did not boost him up. She agreed he might not be the best person but is the most electable. Great criteria for choosing the president.

We are called “Yehudim.” We acknowledge the good done to us. We are grateful and are appreciative. We show hakaras ha’tov. Our brethren in Israel have the entire world united against them with only one country constantly standing with them. They have Katyusha rockets, balloons, and shootings. It is only by the grace of G-d that the injuries are contained. The world wants Israel to show restraint. Israel is not granted the same due process that is given to any sovereign country. For the first time in years, there is a president who allows Israel the freedom to protect its citizens. Have we ever had a UN ambassador like Nikki Haley? The president surrounds himself with frum people who guide and support him for the benefit of Israel.

People are worried about the morals of the president. Are these worse than the Democratic Party advocating for abortion? Is this not an outright issur d’Oraysa from the Aseres HaDibros? Can a frum Jew walk the streets of Manhattan and shield his child from the people who are walking around not dressed or the abomination that has transpired in this city? Why does that not trouble these same people?

Whatever we do, the will of Hashem will happen, but we need to try to be on the right side.

When Trump was elected one had to see that Hashem was orchestrating this. There were some fine people running who were supporters of Israel but none of them could have done what Trump did. No one would have had the courage to move the embassy and deal with the results so they kept on using the waiver to postpone the move. Only someone who had the guts to take on the world and fight could have moved the U.S. Embassy. The same things he is criticized for allow him to do us a service.

When the Balfour Declaration was issued, Russia and the U.S. were constantly at war. One time they united to vote for a Jewish State and since then they have never united. Does it not show us that G-d is orchestrating all the events taking place? Hashem places thoughts and ideas into man and He then implements them.

So it behooves us as Torah Jews that when we see the promises that were made to us honored and fulfilled that we do our part and support that person. Chazal tell us that we are not supposed to pray for a new king. What was so terrible that we need to take a chance with a new president?

I want to make one more point to all of you dear Yidden. Each and every one of us knows someone or has someone in Eretz Yisrael. The people who live there don’t have it easy. It is not America. People don’t have savings and vacations or hotel trips for the yomim tovim. When someone in Israel is poor it doesn’t mean he can’t fix his car. It means his children are going hungry. It means there is no food and there might not be a refrigerator because there is no money to fix it. When there is a chamsin there is no air conditioner or no lights if the electric company closed it because of lack of payment. The Jews in Sderot have additional issues; when little children hear the sirens they have to run to get to a shelter and time is of the essence. When they go outside they need to see where the shelter is and estimate how long it takes to run to safety. We are relieved that Hashem is watching them but that does not free them from the emotional trauma. Their suffering is a long-lasting trauma that wakes them up in a sweat and crying. They are anxious and the noises scare them. It sounds a little similar to the Holocaust when children lived in fear. The fear of not making it to safety. They are always on alert. This is hard for the adults, but what about the innocence and carefree life of a child? Aren’t they also entitled to this? Why can’t they have a peaceful night without constantly being afraid? How can we, as Jews living the comfortable life in the Diaspora, remain silent and sit there judging the morals of an elected official over what he is doing for our brothers and sisters?

We need a president who will allow Israel to protect its citizens at all costs and not be worried about what America or the world says. We as Jews need to take that same stance and support each other at all costs. Our assessment of a president or any other elected official needs to be done for the collective klal and not based on our own needs or benefits, and we need to stop letting the money lead us to the poor choices we make. We need to stop destroying ourselves.

A kesivah v’chasimah tovah,

Wake-Up Call

Dear Editor,

The article written by Joseph Frager, MD, “The President Says What Most Jews Feel” is 100% correct. I wish the The New York Times would publish that article. It may wake up some Jews from their deep sleep.



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