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Dear Editor,

I wanted to describe the intense embarrassment that I feel, personally, as a Jew, when I see political stunts on TV by congressional Jewish Democrats. It started with Representative Steve Cohen when Attorney General Barr didn’t show up at the House Judiciary Committee to testify about the Mueller Report, when Cohen brought in KFC chicken and put a model chicken on the seat where Barr would have sat. Now, first of all, you have to internalize why AG Barr didn’t testify. He didn’t testify because he testified for three hours at the Senate Judiciary Committee. Those three hours weren’t the most pleasant hours of his life; they were hours when liberal senators brutally questioned him. Showing up at another brutal biased questioning session should not be of interest to the AG of the U.S. Democrats say that the AG is supposed to represent the entire U.S. and not for political purposes. That is exactly the reason why AG Barr didn’t show up at the House. It was because the Democrats, especially the Jewish Democrats like Rep. Cohen and Chairman Nadler, who wanted to bully him for political purposes that he didn’t show up.

Now, AG Barr has been completely transparent this entire time, but the Democrats argue otherwise. They say that he acts like Trump’s defense lawyer because he didn’t listen to their mandatory subpoena of the entire Mueller report. The thing that they seem to forget is that, first of all, there are some pieces of the report that are classified and are part of other findings of Mueller to do with other things that came up during the investigation. AG Barr has given over 90 percent of the information to the American people within weeks with granting redactions to parts of the report as requested from Congress. Not only did AG Barr do that for the American people, but for some members of Congress who specifically requested some additional confidential parts of the report, Barr gave it to them. Representative Doug Collins read the entire report and found no added information that would support that Trump or anyone related to him did any wrongdoing. So, this stunt by Rep. Cohen was absolutely ludicrous and stupid.

Then, you have Chairman Nadler, who is one of the most partisan ideologues in Congress. He runs his committee like a circus. This week he held a contempt vote for AG Barr because he didn’t like that the Mueller report exonerated President Trump. Nadler will give his excuses about the subpoenas, but, as explained above, Barr has been transparent in all regards. It is funny though, that Nadler is holding Barr in contempt, because a few years ago when then-AG Holder was held in contempt by the Republicans because he didn’t hand them documents on the Fast and Furious gun investigation, Nadler said he was going to join a walkout because of Republicans’ “partisan politics.” First of all, Nadler is clearly a hypocrite for saying that and now doing that exact thing. Finally, the Fast and Furious investigation was an ongoing investigation during the contempt vote, while the Mueller investigation was over by this contempt vote. Nadler is just part of the class of second-rate lawmakers of Congress that puts party over country. We need to make sure that in 2020 that these second-rate lawmakers don’t continue to govern in any branch of our government!


Donny Simcha Guttman

Dear Editor,

It is extremely disgraceful to see Congressman Jerry Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, slithering around the House Chambers. The Mueller Report, after two years, $30 billion, and countless subpoenas and witnesses, has been concluded and presented to Congress, with President Trump vindicated on collusion and obstruction charges. Nadler is a rank partisan of the worst type and an absolute embarrassment. Nadler is a loathsome individual with a repulsive persona.

Nadler has an extremely serious case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” In his case it has stopped his brain from functioning in a cognitive manner. Perhaps the only cure is to finally remove Nadler from his lifelong job of being a congressman. Nadler is obsessed with removing President Trump from office and will stop at nothing in his quest. Nadler wants to be judge, jury, and executioner. He is Captain Ahab obsessed with his battle with the whale. He is Tomas de Torquemada, inquisitor general of the Spanish Inquisition. On another level, he is a modern-day version of Tail Gunner Senator Joseph McCarthy. Who will be our Joseph Welch, special counsel for the U.S. Army, and bring an end to this inquisition? Who will be the person to finally say to Nadler, “Have you no decency?”

Nadler and the rest of the Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy President Trump. It is time for them to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election. The attempted silent coup to overthrow a duly elected president by deep state operatives in Obama’s Justice Department and FBI has finally been defeated. It is now time for the Democrats to start doing their jobs and stop their never-ending subpoenas and harassment of the president, his family, associates, and businesses.

Now, Congressman Nadler, pay attention, as former President Barack Obama said, “Elections have consequences; we won, you lost, now get over it.”

Jack Lipsky

Great Neck, NY


  1. As a independent jew I agree with every word of this letter.
    Support Trump agenda. Liberalism become serious sickness.

  2. I just wanted to describe the intense embarrassment that I feel, personally, as a Jew, when I see ill-informed letters to the editor like these written by my co-religionists.


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