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Democrats: Riggers Of Our Elections

Dear Editor,

Recently, we have been hearing about the USPS and mail-in voting. Democrats continue to argue that Trump is removing mailboxes on streets to slow down deliveries for the upcoming election. However, during the Obama administration, over 12,000 mailboxes were removed because of budget cuts. Every day the USPS delivers 181.9 million pieces of mail. For those who will be voting by mail, there shouldn’t be any problems.

The problem with mail-in voting isn’t about the USPS; rather, it’s to do with local election officers who don’t have the equipment to handle hundreds of millions of ballots. Just two years ago, over 50 percent of states had only 10% of voters vote by mail. In 2016 alone, Intercept and Type Investigations reported that over 950,000 mail-in ballots were rejected. A recent study reported by the Washington Post showed that many times the rejections are for illegitimate reasons that affect minorities and younger people to a disadvantage. The Election Integrity Project of California, a non-profit and non-partisan organization, recently found out that in California alone, if ballots were sent by mail to all registered voters, there would be 458,000 ballots sent to people who are dead or who moved away. A bipartisan report in 2005 that was headed by former President Carter quoted testimony from James Dickson that absentee voting could increase the chances of potential voting fraud. Recently, there were voter fraud cases in West Virginia and New Jersey. In the case of New Jersey, a judge has ordered a new election.

Similarly, in the 1997 Miami mayoral race, 21 were charged with voter fraud in regards to absentee ballots. Results delays are also a major problem. We saw in the race in NY-12 that it took months for a result to come out. In New Jersey, it took four weeks for the winner of the Republican Senate nominee to be announced. The Democrats continue to push this concerning voting method to the entire nation even though their hero Dr. Fauci said that there’s “no reason why people can’t vote in person” this November. America must defend the integrity of our elections!


Donny Simcha Guttman

The True Fantasies

Dear Editor,

You know when Democrats are out of ammunition because they resort to personal attacks, not facts. A recent letter to the editor by a Biden delegate resorted to singling out me, as well as another 5TJT reader, as believers in “fantasies” because we’re Jewish Trump supporters. Here are the facts as opposed to fantasies:

  1. Biden boycotted Netanyahu’s speech to Congress where Netanyahu warned of Iran’s nuclear enrichment program as an existential threat to both Israel and the U.S.
  2. On a 2010 trip to Israel, Biden said that building homes in East Jerusalem is “precisely the kind of step that undermines what we need right now.”
  3. Biden supported the Iran Nuclear Deal, which provided a clear pathway to Iran developing a nuclear weapon and actual currency to fund Iran’s terrorism with palettes of cash delivered in the middle of the night without Congressional approval.
  4. In 2012, Biden said to Netanyahu, “I don’t agree with a damn thing you say, but I love you” — this while Netanyahu was not welcomed as traditional heads of state are to the White House, and Obama’s staff publicly ridiculed the Israeli prime minister.
  5. Biden supported the Obama administration’s abstention from UN Resolution 2334, which even Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat, had to state was “shameful!” It made clear that Israeli settlements have no legal validity although it included the Wailing Wall in East Jerusalem.
  6. Biden said about Trump’s move of the embassy to Jerusalem: “I wouldn’t have done it in the first place!”
  7. In 2020, Biden speaks to Palestinians and says that he wishes the principles of Islam could be taught in public schools, and the Democrats invite Linda Sarsour, a virulent anti-Semite, to the Democrat convention.

For 47 years, Joe Biden has offered “platitudes” to AIPAC and the American people regarding the fact that he supports Israel. What has he actually done for Israel? Democrats are happy with political blandishments, but their actions are disingenuous. To wit, Obama dons a yarmulke and goes to the Western Wall; Ocasio-Cortez lights Chanukah candles and dances the hora musing that she might be a “Converso;” and Kathleen Rice visits synagogues and tours Israel to “profess her support for Jews.” It’s all photo opportunities and expedient political cache.

President Trump, on the other hand, is a doer for the Jewish people. Despite the Democrats’ efforts to obstruct, undermine, and misrepresent the facts, Trump:

  1. Tore up the Iran Nuclear Deal.
  2. Ended U.S. funding for the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA).
  3. Recognized Israel’s right to the Golan Heights as a means of self-defense.
  4. Established Israel’s right of self-defense in the face of aggression as opposed to the Obama–Biden policy of treating both Israel and Palestinians on an equal footing.
  5. Changed the paradigm of U.S. policy requiring peace between Israelis and Palestinians before any deals with Arab nations.
  6. Supported Israel and the UAE signing the first of many more peace accords with Arab nations.

So, who has the fantasy? I choose positive action for Israel and America over Biden’s empty words even if those words were repeated for almost 50 years!

Jan Henock

Spreading Falsehoods

Dear Editor,

We are living through trying times; however, as Jews, we all acknowledge that G-d is in charge of our world and this pandemic. As we all sit and discuss among ourselves, we cannot avoid the question, “What is the message we are supposed to be getting from this pandemic? What is G-d trying to tell us?”

We admit that it has affected us in every area and situation of our lives. We have been reinventing most aspects of our lives: praying, working, socializing. Zooming with our family to catch up, and Zooming for weddings and other smachot, and, l’havdil, for funerals and shiva. So we ask bluntly, does G-d want to send a message that perhaps we should tone down our lives by paring down smachot, showing us how important and wonderful it is to spend time with our children, and how beneficial it is to get this unlimited time to really get to know them?

Young people have reached their own conclusions to involve themselves in chesed activities, volunteering to shop for people who need help. Kindness, chesed, and love and respect towards our fellow humans have been the loudest of all of these messages.

Most of us have gotten the message; yet, some people don’t recognize it because their world is only about them and these characteristics don’t resonate with them.

Every ad and word uttered by Daniel Goldstein, his staff, and his team have been maligning and accusing Mayor Alex Edelman of actions that are most obviously untrue. Goldstein will give you free parking, or has that been upgraded to paying your parking tickets? Does he even understand where some of the village revenue comes from? He wants to put bike lanes in front of Lawrence homes on winding roads, even if this poses dangers to the residents. Goldstein has done nothing; therefore, he has no record to brag about, he has not accomplished anything in his term as trustee in Lawrence, and he left Israel after a shameful attempt to run for Knesset. During his present campaign, Goldstein has broken the law by putting his campaign signs on private and village property, both without permission. Is he running to work for and contribute to the Village of Lawrence, or is he looking for a title?

Mayor Edelman could counter-attack all of Goldstein’s untruthful allegations and would have what to fight back with. But Alex Edelman was raised to be respectful and never forget his roots. He is also a G-d-fearing person who lives by the 13 Principles of Jewish Faith, and he does not compromise his ethics of truthfulness and respect.

I have firsthand knowledge of the lengths that Goldstein and his team have gone to obtain signatures for the absentee ballots. Many people signed, not knowing what they were signing and feeling bullied into signing.

Mayor Alex Edelman is an accomplished public servant whose constituents sing his praises. The residents of Lawrence have benefited from the mayor’s hard work, and he has worked tirelessly only for the benefit of Lawrence, the village he loves and that is his home. He has not asked for any accolades throughout his terms as mayor, and he wants Lawrence to continue to be the town that shines among the Five Towns. This is what he wants to do during these next two years.

Lawrence residents: go out to vote for Mayor Alex Edelman and his A Team on September 15; it will be your way of saying thank-you, and saving yourselves from having your Village of Lawrence turn into Manhattan.

A long time proud 5 Towns resident



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