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Dear Editor,

I was intrigued when I read Larry Gordon’s event summary last week (“Vaccinations and Women’s Photos,” Heard In The Bagel Store, June 14). I didn’t quite understand the focus regarding newspapers omitting women’s pictures. Then, I viewed a copy of the Flatbush Jewish Journal and saw what this was about. Indeed, there are no women in any of the pictures in this paper.

Despite that, I am puzzled as to what the fuss is about? If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the Flatbush Jewish Journal devoted close to half their paper on women’s issues. There was plenty of marriage, dating, and shidduch advice. There were listings of women’s shiurim and events, some of them given by women. They had articles written by women, many of them advising men what to do. Then, of course, there are numerous women-focused advertisements for wigs, kallah packages, and women’s colleges and seminaries. It’s as if you’re reading a newspaper devoted to women already!

In my opinion, I don’t think your newspaper should have any pictures at all! If you want to save space and have a figure of either women or men, you should be drawing more cartoons. We could all use a good laugh or two.

Daniel Feldman



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