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Dear Editor, 

Several months ago, I circulated an open letter to the Orthodox Union concerning a company named Big Gay Ice Cream. I challenged the OU to remove its certification from a brand whose very purpose is to undermine Torah morality.

I am pleased to report that several weeks ago, I received a message from the OU stating that its hechsher was being removed from Big Gay Ice Cream products. I am not here to claim credit; rather, my purpose is to acknowledge the OU for doing the right thing.

Traditional morality, a staple of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim societies for centuries, is under fierce attack. The House of Representatives has just passed a nefarious bill (H.R.5, the Equality Bill) that would criminalize the withholding of services to a non-traditional couple. For example, a photographer who refuses to shoot a same-sex wedding could be charged with a federal offense. Needless to say, alarm bells should be ringing among Jews, Christians and Muslims who adhere to the age-old moral teachings of their respective faiths. And while this bill is unlikely to pass the Senate, the gay-rights lobby is relentless. The bill will be reintroduced until it passes both houses.

In light of the above, I should note that the most dangerous candidate running for the presidency is not Donald Trump. It is not Elizabeth Warren, or Bernie Sanders, or one of the other myriad of Democrats. It is Pete Buttigieg, who flaunts his “marriage” to a man. Buttigieg’s policies are irrelevant; it is his family structure that should disqualify him. If Buttigieg is, G-d forbid, voted in as the Democratic nominee, or worse, becomes president, the message would be that all relationships are equally moral. I fear for the survival of the United States were this to occur.

Avi Goldstein


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