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Hashgachah Pratis

Dear Rabbi Teldon,

It was with true Divine Providence that I happened to be reading an article in the Five Towns Jewish Times about the Jewish astronaut going up in September. I had never heard of the 5TJT before this, and I decided to poke around the website.

Simultaneously, I had the thought in the back of my mind that my wife and I were hosting sheva berachos that night, and I would probably be called on to say something. I was in a minor panic, because what does one say to newlyweds that involves Parashas Bechukotai? The Tochachah? Not the best subject matter for a new bride and groom.

Then your article reached out and saved me — the one about Shavuos and its lessons for human marriage, based on the different mitzvah categories we received at Har Sinai. I am fully intending to use that article as the basis for my divrei berachah. (With proper credit, of course!)

I wanted you to know, because I wanted to thank you and Hashem for this article. It was in the right place and right time all along, and I was granted the z’chus to see it.

Thank you again,

PS, Beachwood, OH

Something Beautiful Happened in Israel

Dear Editor,

This is beautiful. Israel Defense Forces soldier Netanel Felber, who made aliyah with his family from Silver Spring, Maryland, was shot by a Palestinian terrorist in December. He has been in a coma ever since but, thank G-d, is making slow progress.

We were able to arrange a worldwide tefillah for him on his birthday. Thousands took part, including many schools in the United States.

Friends from his IDF unit came to pray and to celebrate his 22nd birthday and ended the party by gathering around Netanel to sing these powerful songs.

Please pray for Netanel Ilan ben Shayna Tzipora.


Domestic Abuse Awareness

Dear Baila,

Thanks for writing your article, it’s validating! I was a domestic-violence victim, and luckily I had the strength to file for divorce in August 2016.

I’d share my story with you to publish to create awareness among other men who need help with this.

In short: After a few years of roller-coaster experiences and abuse (physical, verbal, and emotional) from my ex, a therapist told me in December 2015 that my ex had borderline personality disorder, and we tried to work on it but my ex’s control, abuse, and fear of abandonment just got worse.

The abuse continued after I filed for divorce, but now it’s a few times a year vs. every day.




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