YOSS Parents of the Year Moshe and Malkie Hirsch. Photo Credit Naftoli Goldgrab Photography

The Bagel Store: Heartbroken

This article is so touching in so many ways. My husband, Yaakov, worked for Moshe, a’h, for a few years now, and there was not one day that went by that he did not talk about what a tzaddik Moshe was. My husband did not see Moshe often, as he worked at a different site, but rather communicated via phone and e-mail. About a week before Moshe passed away, my husband had his yearly meeting with him, which we don’t believe was a coincidence. My husband was able to tell Moshe how happy he was at work and they got time to really talk and catch up. I remember Yaakov saying to me how Moshe’s memory was amazing and he cared so much about what was happening in each of his employees’ lives outside of work. At the shivah I said to Malkie that Moshe, a’h, is the reason that Yaakov went to work happily every day and came home happy. He may be gone physically but will never be forgotten. May his neshamah have an aliyah.

Leah Kaufman

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