The Woodmere Club

Dear Editor,

I received this survey in this past Friday’s mail, as did many of my neighbors, and I am confused. Here are some of the issues that should be investigated:

  • Who is the author of this letter? There are no names on it. Why is the council member who penned this survey hiding behind the seal of the TOH?
  • Who authorized the expenditure for printing and mailing this? My tax dollars were used to print this useless survey!
  • Did anyone bother to proofread or spellcheck it before sending it out? There is at least one glaring grammatical error I found.
  • Did anyone bother to run this by the TOH legal department before promising to up-zone for just 60 homes?
  • This survey lacks transparency. Where did these figures come from? How about posting the study that supports these numbers on the TOH website?
  • Is the tax added 2K or 4K? That’s a big difference!
  • How about providing a map of the proposed park district so we know what’s included? It’s not enough to say how many homes it was mailed to—where are these homes?
  • Where does the idea of “approximately 60 lots” come from? Are we really supposed to believe that the town council can up-zone and only authorize 60 homes? The developer has vowed time and again to build to the maximum allowed by law. Are we honestly supposed to believe that the developer won’t sue the town for up-zoning? Even the Cameron study paid for by TOH allowed for more homes than this letter is now “promising.” This number is misleading and false!
  • What does an “overwhelming majority” mean? We live in a democracy where majority wins. Not “overwhelming majority.”
  • This is not so much a survey as an ultimatum. How about all the other consequences of the golf course being developed?

How about giving a fuller picture of what our “choice” actually means?

  1. Pay 2–4K and retain the value of your home. Or don’t pay 2–4K and watch the value of your home decrease by 200,000 to 400,000.
  2. Pay 2–4K and retain your quality of life, or don’t pay 2–4K and live through 10-plus years of noise and filth of construction.
  3. Pay 2–4K and insure that your home won’t flood in the next superstorm, or don’t pay 2–4K and watch your home flood every time it rains or when we have a nor’easter or hurricane.
  4. Pay 2–4k and not sit in 15 more minutes of traffic every day.

There are so many quality-of-life issues to consider; the consequences of development are many, and that is not reflected in this survey. It’s a political stunt.

Does he really expect the community to believe it’s so simple? Time and again, this is how the town board operates. Do things in secret, don’t share the full results of the studies, get people to vote no, then have a meeting proving that everyone voted no and then try to convince us of how great they are, what a favor they did for us, and what a great plan this is.

Let’s also not ignore the true fact that TOH really has zero to say at this point. Right now, any future plans are really in the hands of NCPC (the lead agency) which will be based on the SEQRA review. Until the full comprehensive impact studies are completed, nobody has the authority to say how many homes can or should be built.

Once again, putting the cart before the horse, not looking out for the best interest of the community.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



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