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Dear Distinguished FRJPAC Chairmen and Committee,

I saw in this week’s Jewish newspapers your endorsements for the upcoming elections. I was concerned that five out of the six candidates you selected were Democrats. While in the past there have been major supporters of Israel from among the Democrats, in recent years, the party has become less and less supportive of Israel, and some candidates are even virulently anti-Israel and supporters of BDS. Witness the boycott by many Democrats of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress a few years back, and the abstention by the United States in voting on the extreme anti-Israel resolution at the UN under Obama and Kerry, thus allowing it to pass.

The Republicans, on the other hand, have finally followed through on moving the embassy to Jerusalem, and we have never seen such support at the UN before Nicki Haley became the ambassador. If Democrats come to power, they will thwart everything Trump is trying to do, and may even impeach him.

I am thus wondering what is the rationale behind your selections. I understand that the local level is different than the national level, and perhaps these candidates have been of much assistance to our community. But it is possible to explain to them that on a personal level we are extremely grateful for their past help, but we strongly urge them to consider switching parties, which is not without precedent, and find it difficult to endorse Democrats because of their national platform.

I am am also disturbed that some in the Chareidi community, for example, the Satmar bloc, will b’davka choose the most anti-Israel candidates. Some of our schools have even joined with them in public anti-Israel demonstrations in New York City. I am quite sure that is not the case here, but there are many other issues I feel most of us would agree that the Democratic position does not correspond with the values of religious Jews. Examples are abortion, gay marriage, school choice, and others.

I understand that New York is a blue state, but why are we perpetuating that situation instead of making our voices heard regarding the views of Orthodox Jews.

Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Barry Jacobson


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