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Singles Must Look Out for Each Other

Dear Michele,

About once a week, I Google to see if there are new articles written about the “shidduch crisis.” To my pleasant surprise, I came across the wonderful article you wrote last month for the Five Towns Jewish Times (My Journey, “Set Up The Singles,” January 17). It is gratifying to see my words being quoted in your article, especially because I am passionate that in order to help address the shidduch issues, we need singles to set up their friends and those they have dated.

I have a private Facebook group of singles called “SUN — Singles Uniting Network,” which has about 250 frum singles in it. I mainly use it now to post about singles events that I hear about and to encourage singles to look out for each other. Please let me know if you want to be invited to the FB group.

I have started SUN groups of singles in Maryland (where I live), New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles, where single men and women could meet monthly to network and try to set each other up. The New York group is located in Washington Heights if you ever want to participate. They have been meeting for more than two years and made a successful shidduch a few months ago. Or maybe you would be open to starting up your own group. Feel free to email me anytime to further discuss.

All the best,
David Katzoff

Looking for Response to Trump Impeachment

Dear Editor,

The impeachment sham is finally over! This nation has gone through three years of this sham for political gains. During the impeachment sham, I decided to call my congresswoman, Kathleen Rice, to understand her reasoning of why she was pro-impeachment and to have further dialogue as a constituent. Ms. Rice first came out in support of an impeachment inquiry when the Mueller report was released. Over a period of five months, approximately once a week, I called her office because of the constant excuses that they gave me. I first called them to understand what specifically Ms. Rice thought was a crime in the Mueller report. The office always told me that she was concerned with Trump obstructing justice. Therefore, I asked them how Trump was obstructing justice when he provided over a million documents to Mueller, when his legal team testified for over 30 hours to Mueller, when he answered written questions to Mueller, and when there were over 2,800 subpoenas sent out from Mueller. How could the fact that Trump let the investigation go on for two years be counted as obstruction? Furthermore, the dictionary defines obstruction as being “the action of deliberately hindering a legal process,” and none of Trump’s actions qualified for that definition. The office continued their delays with non-answers telling me that they will get back to me.

Finally, after two months or so, the office got me in contact with one of Ms. Rice’s closest advisers to deal with me. Now before I go on, let me be clear, every time I had a phone call with one of their people I always was nice and respectful to them. Even the one time that I got a little too angry with them, I apologized because the best way to have a dialogue is with respect. Furthermore, I always thanked them for their service to our nation and for their time. I treated them with respect and fairness and reciprocally they always treated me with fairness and respect. After getting in contact with this adviser, the adviser told me basically all that the office told me with a reassurance that the adviser would talk to the congresswoman about the issue. After waiting a month or so without calling the office, I finally wondered why they didn’t contact me. I called the office and told them my concerns and asked why the adviser didn’t contact me back. The office said that the adviser would contact me eventually. Finally, I got a call from the adviser telling me that there was no new knowledge from the congresswoman about my concerns. Rice’s office kept on delaying and delaying and giving me the non-answers of “we will try to contact you with someone else.”

Finally, the Ukrainian thing started so my concerns continued to grow. I asked what the specific crime was that Trump committed, and as usual they gave me no concrete or factual answers. They also told me that “we are giving you answers but it’s just that you don’t like them.” Well, that also wasn’t true, because the answers that they were giving me was that Ms. Rice is concerned that Trump tried to collude in the election with a foreign leader, and that wasn’t a fact established nor is being concerned with something automatically make that a fact. I further asked them for any factual evidence of a crime but they gave me nothing. Furthermore, I asked, “How did Trump commit a crime when there is a treaty that went into effect in 2001 with Ukraine that made both the U.S. and Ukraine responsible to cooperate in each other’s criminal investigations?” It also says in the National Arms Defense Package of 2019, which allotted the money to Ukraine, that the U.S. would be responsible to root out corruption in Ukraine. Ms. Rice’s office continued the status quo of giving me non-answers. Finally after another two months, during my normal weekly call they said to me that I had three minutes to speak even though as a constituent, I was speaking to them for most weeks only 10 minutes and sometimes 20.

I was confused because the previous week they told me that if I would call back next week, I’d get more assistance, so I called them back after they hung up on me. After I called for the second time, a woman came on the phone and told me that my three minutes are up and I should call back next week. But still I was confused and was about to tell her what they told me last week, when she hung up on me. So I called another two times. Finally, after I was still confused, the woman threatened to call the capital police on me. I never threatened or harassed them; all I did was have a conversation about Kathleen Rice, my congresswoman, who is supposed to represent the constituents, for a few minutes a week. Later on, the adviser sent me an email with their new regulations for only me. The conditions included that I could only call them once a week to speak to one person for three minutes and to only e-mail them once a week. The office even got hold of my mother’s numbers telling them that I was bothering them and I would have these new restrictions. Furthermore, the adviser gave my phone number to the capital police.

The restrictions that they put upon me showed that they didn’t want to have a real conversation. I have always respected Kathleen Rice for her support of Israel and her independence in the Democrat Party until she came out with her support of impeachment and tried to shut me down. She didn’t try to just shut me down; she tried to shut down the 60% of independents, the over 50% of our nation who didn’t approve of impeachment, and the 63 million people who voted for Trump. I appreciate Kathleen Rice’s office for having a dialogue with me, but I don’t appreciate being shut down because I had a good argument that seemed that they couldn’t debate. As a community, we always praise Kathleen Rice as our defender, but trying to impeach a president who has been especially amazing for Jews, based on no crime, is shameful. My message to the congresswoman is that November 2020 is coming soon, and you aren’t going to be happy with the election results!

Donny Simcha Guttman

A Little Patience Goes a Long Way With ADHD

Rabbi Reich, thank you for your insightful article. As someone who grew up with severe ADHD, your words truly resonate. If the rebbeim and teachers I had growing up were more aware of these ADHD characteristics, I’m certain they would have responded to my impulsive (and obnoxious) outbursts with more empathy and it would have had a meaningful impact on both my life as well as theirs.

Avi D.H. Deutsch

Woodmere Club Compromise Neeeded

Dear Editor,

I have lived in Woodsburgh for over 40 years. I live near Woodmere Blvd. I would rather have no building at the Woodmere Club forever, though I am realistic that will not happen. I have had my children’s simchas at the club. I have fond memories of the club. But that was then. I wouldn’t move to an age-restricted home, but I have talked to people in the community and they love the idea. The people in the community are eyeing a new home for their kids or themselves.

There is so much negativity but I think everyone should come together and form a plan. I do not want 285 homes but I do realize something should be there. I cannot even fathom why Mayor Israel is wasting so much money on litigation. I just read this article and we are getting sued two or three times. Why waste money fighting lawsuits when we all know something is going to be built? Be smart, fight 284, and get us something better.

Iris W.

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