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Standing With The President

Dear Editor,

Kudos to you Mr. Gordon for your article on “Standing With Trump” (January 18). It took a lot of courage to say what almost everyone in our community knows is true but are afraid or don’t care to state. Substance over style is critical, but in an age of the 24-hour news cycle, the constant drumbeat against the president overrides the actual facts.

President Obama’s policies were an anathema for Jews, with even Alan Dershowitz conceding that, but the vast majority of American Jews do not appear to care. That is because for that majority, Israel is tainted over the Palestinian issue, once again regardless of the facts.

“Social justice” has become a false idol, replacing basic Jewish values grounded in halachic law. This move to the extreme left was first televised at the 2012 Democrat convention when they had to resort to a second voice vote on the platform to include the existence of G-d and the centrality of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Jews need to wake up and understand that the policies that they are advocating are detrimental to both Israel and American values. Blindly accepting and parroting what is said about the president is falling for propaganda. Furthermore, labeling a president who has done more for Jews as Hitler is a shande both from the perspective of what actually occurred in the Shoah, and as an unwarranted smear. It demeans both.

Jan Henock-Rabinowitz

Dear Editor,

Thank you for standing up for our president (“Standing With Trump,” January 18). He deserves more credit than the skewed press is giving him. As for the government shutdown, here’s an eye-opening video of Judge Jeanine speaking about Nancy Pelosi’s lack of compassion for the government workers (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RWjIv64iGs). I am not a political person; however, I invite you to watch even a few minutes of this video. One of the judge’s points is that Pelosi is supposedly worth $100 million and is vacationing in Hawaii. Trump, on the other hand, donates his salary to charities. Judge Jeanine articulately presents her perspective about Pelosi’s personal vendetta against Trump to manufacture an economic crisis for the purpose of discrediting him. What is she doing about drug trafficking that contributes to deaths and crime related to drugs? This is an apocalyptic fight of good and evil and she’s a modern-day Dasan and Aviram and eirev rav. Doesn’t sound like she’s putting her money where her mouth is.

Our president may have his quirks; however, if building a wall will help provide security to help me sleep at night and reduce the number of tragic deaths due to drug overdoses that the paper has written about previously, I’m a Trump supporter!

Please pray that our country be run in unity, peace, and by people of integrity.

Shoshana from Brooklyn


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