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The Wrong Side Of The Issue

Dear Editor,

As I was reading the names Schumer, Feinstein, Nader, and Blumenthal in “The Left is Livid” (From the Editor, October 12), I actually got sad.

Normally it’s one Jew at a time, doing what he or she can to destroy this wonderful country that’s been nothing but good to us. To see those names listed together because they joined and orchestrated an effort to destroy a perfectly good person’s life and career over political differences was just heartbreaking.

Which brings me to my next heartbreaking thought. Not once, in any frum publication or story, have I ever heard about the Jewish relationship with communism in Germany prior to the Holocaust. Nothing about the Jewish boycott of German goods in the 1930s. Nothing about the Jews and politics in Germany.

The lessons were always: “Say ‘Good Morning’ to your goy neighbor because he might be your prison guard one day,” or “No matter where we are, they will always be jealous of us.”

The modern kehillos are too concerned fighting for Israel (from the safety of their picket-fence suburban communities) and the yeshivish are too ignorant (from the safety of their kollel) to understand how the world views us.

I find it reprehensible that Jewish publications such as yours praise Jewish democrats for the occasional bone they throw to the pro-Israel crowd only to ignore the real damage they cause to this country — a country that has afforded us the safest and most accepting galus we can ever hope for.

I’ve heard Schumer speak at numerous frum events and the crowd is just too happy to be in the same room as him. And when he says he’ll protect Israel because of his last name? (a line he uses at every frum event) He gets a standing ovation. This half-human, half-snake doesn’t deserve anything from us other than abandonment.

There is more anger and outrage displayed at the harmless, thoughtless, and idiotic Neturei Karta than there is at Shneiderman, Weiner, Spitzer, Kagan, Bloomberg, Ginsburg, Soros, Sanders, Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer, Kaminsky, Silver, Emanuel, Breyer, Franken, Axelrod, Blumenthal, Wasserman, Schultz, Schiff, Nadler, and even Rosenstein. They are always on the wrong side of the issue and do real, actual damage. Not to mention the Madoffs and Harvey Weinsteins of the world.

They make it easy for a charismatic leader to come along one day and turn the populace against all of us. They won’t care who’s keeping Shabbos and kosher and who isn’t, who drifted to the liberal left, and who didn’t.

The real lessons from the Holocaust should be to keep your head down and not cause any trouble because we are guests here, just like we were guests in every country we’ve been in up until now. When given the chance to separate ourselves from them, it needs to be seized. Clearly, we haven’t learned much from our history, and are likely doomed to repeat it.

Shlomo Weiss


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