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A Vote For Change

Dear Editor,

I liked your article, “The Kirsten Crisis,” about why Senator Gillibrand turned to the extreme left (From The Editor, October 26). But what point did it try to make? Should we support the Democrats even when we know their policies hurt us and hurt Israel, simply because one day they will have the majority in Congress or the presidency? And if we don’t vote for them we should be afraid they would retaliate? The person you interviewed can certainly choose to give money to whomever he wants, hoping he will later have some influence on them, but I doubt this influence will be significant. When Obama did the Iran deal, no opposition from the Democratic pro-Israel groups influenced the Senate to stop it. I believe that now is the time for us to vote Republican. I think that the Democrats themselves will eventually take our demands more seriously once they see they cannot assume the Jewish people will vote for them automatically.


Stop Supporting Trump

Dear Mr. Gordon,

I am writing to you as I can no longer sit on the sidelines and remain silent, Please stop encouraging your readers to vote for Donald Trump’s supporters. While it is true that he has done some important things for the Jewish community and Israel, the man remains a moral degenerate, a sexual predator, and an unworthy person to be president. He has divided the country into factions that show hate and intolerance to many peoples; most of his actions and mocking rhetoric cause great discomfort to many people, including my family and me, and I truly believe are the valve that permits the unspeakable atrocities of this past Shabbos to escape restraint. This is a man who should be impeached. Neither he nor any of his supporters are worthy of our support and I plan to vote him and his supporters out of office as soon as I can.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours truly,
Sylvia Kain


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