Levi Yitzchak Library ‘Booked for the Evening’ organizers

Since 2010, the Levi Yitzchak Family Center and Library has become a staple in our community as a place for families to spend time together; as a host for a myriad of organizations, clubs, and learning groups; and, of course, as a crucial source of much-needed Jewish books and multimedia. Not only is the library a living memorial to Levi Yitzchak Wolowik, a’h, but it has also become an incredible resource for our community and a valuable asset to our neighborhood. The library is a home away from home to so many children and adults who visit often and rely on it as their place to study, connect, and develop a love for Jewish literature, and, with its constantly expanding educational and inspirational programs for adults and children, the library fills a critical community need. The library was created so that anyone, regardless of age or religious affiliation, can have a place to feel welcome and connected.

Girls of Bais Rivkah Day Camp in Brooklyn with the new book they wrote and illustrated during their camp trip to the library
Honorees and VIPs at LY Library Breakfast
Shulamith preschoolers at the LY Library
LY Library volunteer extraordinaire Wendy Boran

If you are not already taking advantage of all that Levi Yitzchak Library has to offer, you are invited to visit and join the diverse group of people who have already found a purpose and meaning in the library. On any given day, you’ll find Mommy and Me classes, men taking a break from their workdays to learn, schoolchildren on class trips, grandmothers and grandfathers spending quality time with their grandchildren, homework helpers, programs for seniors, learning programs for young women, and so much more taking place at the Levi Yitzchak Family Center and Library. The library is truly a neighborhood haven that inspires visitors to interact and grow together in a warm environment of discovery and learning.

As an independent organization, the Levi Yitzchak Family Center and Library needs your help to continue performing its vital role as a community center. On Tuesday, July 10, please join us at the home of Dr. Evan and Lisa Pockriss, 290 Ocean Avenue in Lawrence, at 7:00 p.m., for our Under the Stars IV Chinese Auction event. Admission is $54, with all of the proceeds going to help support the library. The evening will feature great entertainment, a NYC Food Truck Crawl, and amazing prizes such as a Kosherica Cruise, a trip to Iceland, $1,800 American Express gift card, and many more. If you can’t join, you can also participate in the auction by visiting libraryauction.org and checking out the fantastic prizes, or by calling 347-446-0770 or 201-283-7019.

May every aspect of this endeavor be a z’chus for the aliyah of the neshamah of Levi Yitzchak Wolowik, a’h. n


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